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Robotics for food processing and preparation: presentation by Alexander Schwarz

In this video, Alexander Schwarz, author, presents the key findings of the Product Watch report on ‘Robotics for food processing and preparation’, part of the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project.

The food industry faces an array of challenges such as changing diets, climate change, resource depletion, demographics and globalisation. Robotics for food processing and preparation could help solving these challenges, for example by increasing production efficiency, allowing for flexible changes in products or by assisting an ageing work force.

This video includes answers to the questions:

  • What is robotics for food processing and preparation and why is this important to Europe?
  • What does the value chain look like and who are the key actors?
  • What are the strengths and opportunities for the EU?

To read the full report Product Watch - Robotics for food processing and preparation, download it here: