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Through an in-depth analysis of traditional data sources such as patents and trade, business survey and novel metrics such as investment data, LinkedIn and text-mining of company websites, the EU Reports and General Findings assess and interpret trends in the generation and uptake of advanced technologies, the related entrepreneurial activities and venture capital investment, the supply of and demand for skills and the digital opportunities for Europe.

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Capturing technology adoption via Twitter

The objective of this analysis is to investigate how social media analytics and in particular Twitter data can be used by policymakers to support them in terms of policy intelligence, problem identification and monitoring.

EU Report - Technological trends and policies

The objective of this EU report is to provide an overview about the performance of the EU27 in Advanced Technologies and to give a snapshot of the policy landscape supporting the production and uptake of Advanced Technologies at EU, national and regional levels.

Monitoring B2B Industrial Digital Platforms in Europe

This report investigates the status of B2B industrial digital platforms in terms of their emergence, development and distribution and underlines their relevance in fostering the process of digital transformation across industries, as well as their role as a fundamental enabler of the data economy

Technology definitions

The ATI Website focuses on the advanced technologies that will enable and help industries to successfully manage a shift towards a low-carbon and knowledge-based economy. 16 Advanced technologies have been identified. This document gives the definitions of these technologies.