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3D printing for the machine tool industry: presentation by Vincenzo Belletti

In this video, Vincenzo Belletti presents the key findings of the Product Watch ‘3D printing for the machine tool industry’, part of the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project.

Advanced technologies are rapidly changing machine tool production today. Machine tool manufacturers still struggle to adopt the technologies that are suitable for their specific practices, often due to high investment cost, both in equipment and in terms of skills. Specific evidence for all types of 3D printing uptake in machine tool production is needed to foster the uptake beyond its use in prototyping and towards serial production.

This video includes answers to the questions:

  • What is 3D printing and what is its market size?
  • How is 3D printing currently used for the machine tool industry?
  • What is the role of 3D printing within the machine tool value chain?
  • What are the opportunities for 3D printing for the EU?

To read the full Product Watch - 3D printing for the machine tool industry, download the report here: