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VTT MIKES Metrology is a research facility for measurement technology. It realises the SI units, performs high-level metrological research, develops measuring applications in partnership with industry, and provides customized expert services and calibrations of customer equipment. High performance laboratory rooms (in terms of air temperature and humidity, vibrations, electric power and electromagnetic environment) and measurement equipment provide excellent environment for sensing technology development. As the National Metrology Institute of Finland, MIKES Metrology is part of European and global metrology networks EURAMET and CIPM. 

VTT MIKES Metrology

VTT MIKES Metrology

Contact Person
Kaj Nummila
Key Account Manager
is SME contact

High performance metrology building consisting laboratory rooms with very low thermal, vibrational and electromagnetic disturbance levels; equipment for quantum metrology, nanometrology, optical spectroscopy, interferometry; atom clocks; high-accuracy measurement and test equipment for frequency, electrical quantities, geometry, temperature, humidity, moisture, mass, pressure, force, torque, flow and acoustics. 


Training, prototype development, testing, calibration, validation, uncertainty estimation

Service for Industry and SMEs