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Centre Spatial de Liège

Avenue du Pré - Aily
4031 Angleur


The Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) is a Center of Applied Research and Scientific Institute of the Université de Liège. CSL advances the development and the valorization of expertise and technologies useful for space instrumentation.

Around optics and electronics performances of space instruments:

- Design, development, integration of payload systems/subsystems,

- Calibration of instruments on the ground and in flight,

- Qualification and environmental testing mainly in the fields of vacuum (thermal and cryogenic) and vibratory.

The CSL have 8 laboratories dedicated to development or services to industry and/or SMEs:

- Electronics,

- Thermo-mechanical Engineering, Cryogenics,

- Optical Design and Metrology,

- Surface Engineering,

- Lasers and Non-Destructive Testing,

- Signal Processing,

- Quality lab, 

- Test facilities.


Université de Liège

Université de Liège

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The CSL have testing capabilities including:

- 6 space simulation chambers (with diameters from 0.25 to 6.5 m) -> vacuum techniques, low temperature and cryogenics,

- 2 high level shakers,

- Cleans rooms (up to class 100),

- Focal-e (facility for radiation),

Other equipment (non-exhaustive list):

- Ultrasonics lasers,

- Optical Ground System Equipments



The Centre Spatial de Liège provides R+D in space technologies: optical design and metrology, surface engineering, electronics, thermo-mechanical engineering and cryogenics, lasers and non-destructive testing, signal processing and qualification in spatial environment (vibration, thermal vacuum and radiations).


Service for Industry and SMEs