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Narva maantee 20
51009 Tartu Estona


STACC is the leading data science company in Estonia that develops artificial intelligence solutions. The company was established in 2009 with the mission to conduct applied research in cooperation with a consortium of scientific and industrial partners. For over 11 years, our engineers and analysts have helped our clients bring dozens of data-driven products and services to the market.

Examples of classic machine-learning problems we solve:

  • recommending products
  • customer segmentation and lifetime value prediction
  • detection of anomalies and fraud
  • demand forecasting
  • supply chain optimization
  • picture and speech recognition
  • chat robots in customer service

 STACC’s success stories include:

  1. In collaboration with Microsoft Skype, STACC researchers developed some of the fastest and most memory-efficient methods known so far for calculating shortest paths in very large graphs. Three US patent applications have been filed to protect these methods.
  2. STACC designed and built critical components of the secure multiparty computation (SMC) platform “Sharemind” (with Cybernetica) as well as applications of Sharemind in the field of bioinformatics. The work Cybernetica carried out in STACC contributed significantly to Cybernetica winning a project with DARPA.
  3. STACC has directly contributed to the development of the core technologies driving three fast-growing IT companies, namely ZeroTurnaround, Plumbr, ZeroTurnaround's JRebel core technology was to a large extent developed as a cooperation between Webmedia (now Nortal) and STACC.
  4. STACC has developed the algorithms behind Reach-U’s Demograft’s location analytics solution, which won the Global Mobile Award 2014 in the category “Best Solution for Growing Smaller or Independent networks.” Regio has successfully started commercialization of this technology in the international market.
  5. STACC and Cybernetica have developed secure Internet voting technology for the Estonian National Electoral Committee. In particular, the vote verification and event monitoring technology used in the Estonian e-voting of 2013 was partly developed at STACC. This work also led to an establishment of a first-of-a-kind Centre for Excellence to study and develop Internet voting on a global scale with Smartec (UK).



Contact Person
Kalev Koppel
Meelis Viiding
Development manager

STACC has built a modern IT Laboratory with all required infrastructure and equipment including high-end computing and database servers, a secured network, and functional office space in Tartu.


The machine-learning solutions we develop are used, among others, in the following areas:

  • Commerce: recommendation systems, customer profiling, personalised online campaigns, supply chain optimisation, inventory optimization (Selver, Tallinna Kaubamaja, Magnum, Rademar, XS Toys)
  • Media: text analysis and Natural Language Processing (Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp, Inforegister, Õhtuleht, Äripäev)
  • Industry: improving business processes and production (ABB, Elering, Ridango, Estonian Cell)
  • E-health: analysis of health data (Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Estonian Genome Centre, Roche)
  • E-government: nalysis of the X-road’s usage patterns, information architecture of the national personal medicine solutions, predicting physical condition of the museum artefacts for the Estonian Heritage Board.
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