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Research and training center of Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK


Savanoriu ave 235
LT-02300 Vilnius Lithuania


Laser and Engineering technologies cluster LITEK was established in 2011 but cooperation between science and SMEs continues for more than 20 years already. Today LITEK unifies 16 companies and organizations working in photonics and engineering field. LITEK cluster has strong connections with more than 50 companies and 10 RTOs working in fields of optoelectronic components, including optical materials and lasers and more than 80 companies working in engineering sector. LITEK has Research and training center with laboratories, clean-rooms & offices.

Overall goal of the cluster is to create the dynamic center of action, which would have a fully integrated chain of researchers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers and, which would improve the international competitiveness of laser and laser-related engineering technologies as well as the knowledge and wealth of SMEs.

LITEK provides research services to Lithuanian and foreign companies. Using during researches obtained knowledge, specialist of LITEK develop for the market high value-added products and technologies: specific precise multilayer optical coatings, high-power laser systems for industry and science, laser micromachining units.

Research and training center of Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK

Research and training center of Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK

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As it was mentioned, LITEK has Research and training centre with laboratories, ISO7 clean-rooms & offices with different equipment. LITEK research and training centre has UV-VIS-IR spectrometer, spherical/aspherical lens polishing equipment, fiber laser technology processing equipment, analytical equipment, 3D printing workstation, optical coating station, various program software, spectrum analyzers, lasers, CNC precise machining bar and other.

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Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster LITEK provides a variety of services: perform designing, experimental production and testing high power and energy laser systems, fiber lasers; carry out prototypes, modeling services; develop technologies for multi-layer coating for optical components; provide flat optics and crystal polishing services and other photonics and/or engineering sector related activity.

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