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Established in 2016, Enterprise Ireland funded Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET) Technology Gateway is an interdisciplinary support providing cutting-edge, industry focussed solutions for SMEs and larger organisations across the MedTech, Engineering and Lifesciences sectors. Based at GMIT’s Galway campus, the Gateway offers a range of applied technologies relevant to companies in the device design application phase.

Accredited under ISO 9001, MET technologies provide client companies a more seamless and cost effective approach to the design and assessment of their new products. In addition to helping companies move to the next stage of their product development, these engagements have facilitated companies generate new knowledge and know-how providing a competitive differentiator to accessing International markets.

MET technological offering to its industry partners include:

- Medical Imaging Technologies

- Biomedical Engineering Technologies

- Data Analytics and Visualisation

- Product Design Verification Technologies



Medical & Engineering Technology Gateway

Medical & Engineering Technology Gateway

Contact Person
Dr Eugene McCarthy
Academic Director/ MET
00353 91742329

MET equipment includes:

- Medical Imaging (X-ray and ultrasound)

- Simulation systems for medical device testing

- Engineering test facilties

- SEM analysis



MET technological offering to its industry partners include:

Technology Theme 1: Medical Imaging Technologies

MET has a licenced, purpose built fluoroscope facility and ultrasound equipment which support a variety of engagements with industry:

  • Product testing:
    • In conjunction with anatomical models (see Technology Theme 2), prototype products can be tested under simulated conditions under the fluoroscope
    • Ultrasound equipment is used in conjunction with the fluoroscope to conduct visualisation studies of next generation prototypes
    • Under simulated conditions, provides companies an opportunity to provide feedback on the design features of their prototypes.
  • Training:
    • Companies demonstrating new technologies to clinicians
    • Companies training internal engineers

Technology Theme 2: Biomedical Engineering Technologies

Our Biomedical Research Centre staff are masters in translating medical data (MRI’s, ultrasounds, etc.) into engineering data and finally into customised clinically endorsed anatomical models. These best-in-class models can be customised to replicate standard or patient specific profiles. These capacities address critical R&D needs of industry for:

  • Concept/Prototype Development
    • Accelerating the design process by giving quick insight into design effectiveness
  • Product Development
    • Allowing companies to reiterate bench top tests in clinically relevant models to evaluate performance features (e.g.: pushability, trackability, accuracy of deployment, etc.);
    • Generating relevant data to demonstrate compliance for regulatory submissions;
    • Improving clinical relevance over animal models as specific human abnormalities can be tested;
    • Enhancing cost effectiveness through cheaper and quicker testing than animal studies;
    • Assuring design efficacy prior to animal/ human trials through early design stage testing;
    • Allowing companies to carry out on site customer demonstrations and training of their products.

Technology Theme 3: Data Analytics and Visualisation

MET’s medical imaging repository is a rich database already being exploited by several MedTech companies. Through continuing to build the size of the medical imaging data repository, GMIT has become known as a Centre of Excellence for usable medical data.

Developing connected health technologies for the healthcare system requires expertise in a number of different disciplines. Therefore, MET’s Data Analytics and Visualisation technology expertise companies provides expertise in:

  • Translation and interpretation of medical data to engineering data;
  • Data Visualisation (graphics, graphic manipulation);
  • Big-data analytics (including sensors, IoT, modelling and programming);
  • Data storage.

Technology Theme 4: Product Design Verification Technologies

MET offers expertise in:

  • Design of prototypes;
  • Forensic analysis of company products using SEM and high speed camera;
  • Access to hardware (rapid prototyping in 3D printing and 4 axis machining);
  • Design of Experiments (DoE) iterative studies;
  • Test Method Development;
  • Literature reviews and technical reports;
  • Materials and product testing;
  • 3D rapid prototyping using customised materials;
  • Histopathology and biochemical analysis;
  • Statistical analysis: equivalence testing, human factor studies (using models) & stability analysis.
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