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Materials Industrial Research & Technology Center S.A.

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Μ. Merkouri 76
GR-173 42 Athens


MIRTEC S.A. - Materials Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre, is a technological Center, active in Applied Research, Technological Development, Certification and Quality Control in a wide range of materials and products.

The company was founded by the merge of three renowned Greek technological centers with over 25 years of experience:


while the new unified MIRTEC incorporates the certification activities and the laboratories of the Greek Standardisation Organisation (ELOT S.A.).

Our mission is to support industry through leading edge technology and transfer knowledge to our clients, thus improving their competitiveness and competence by adding value to their products.

MIRTEC is the only Hellenic Certification Body with own Laboratories for testing and analysis of materials and products;, this enables our capabilities of offering integrated solutions to our clients.
The systematic collaboration and communication with high respected Technological Centres, Institutes, Universities and Industries give us a strong competitive advantage.

MIRTEC S.A. operates under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Development(General Secretariat for Industry) and is a company of public interest since main shareholder is the public sector along with several major Greek companies.


Laboratory Testing

Audits & Inspections

Human Resources Development

Production Capabilities

Technical Studies

Health and Safety at Work

MIRTEC also collaborates closely with Universities and Industry associations in:

  • Networking of small businesses
  • Promoting tools on ecology, environment and sustainability for SMEs
  • Promoting Green Public Procurement
  • Listing and Promoting Cultural Inheritance

Materials Industrial Research & Technology Center S.A.

Materials Industrial Research & Technology Center S.A.

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The « Industrial Research, Technological Development and Laboratory Testing, Certification and Quality Societe Anonyme », shortly MIRTEC S.A., has its headquarters in Volos and has branches and offices in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Thiva), in China (Shanghi), while also has an extensive network of experienced associates that covers Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Romania.

The company’s headquarters are located in the First Industrial Area of Volos and cover an area of 7.500 m2 of indoor facilities on a land plot of 32 acres. Seven of MIRTEC laboratories are located in these premises where testing for a wide range of metal and metallurgical materials is performed, including chemical analysis.

The Thiva branch (former CERECO) is housed in the privately owned building complex which is located on the 72nd km of the Athens-Lamia National Road in Ritsona on a total surface of 3.100 m2. On these premises are located 4 labs and designated areas for industrial testing, conference rooms, lecture halls and a library. The up to date fully equipped laboratories enable a wide range of analysis and characterizations and cover a multitude of manufacturing processes and treatments in the field of ceramics and refractories.

The Athens branch facilities (former CLOTEFI) are located in Kallithea and cover a surface of 750m2 on the premises are found laboratories (385 m2), storage areas for samples and materials as well as offices, a seminar and conference hall, and other auxiliary facilities. The laboratory of Textile and Chemical Analysis and the Laboratory of Organic and Inorganic Materials are located here and in which are conducted more than 200 tests according to the standard procedures and European guidelines, the GES methods and certain internal procedures which have been developed.

The laboratories of ELOT Low Voltage Electrical Cables and Toy & Playground in Athens (Kifissou 50) and the Laboratory of Polymers and Elastics in Thessaloniki (Industrial Area of Sindos) have joined MIRTEC and operate in their existing facilities.

Our laboratories conduct reliable inspections and testing on building materials, consumer and industrial products which are necessary to control production quality and also for the certification of these products.

Also the offices in Athens and Thessaloniki operate independently offering services for inspection, testing and certification of products, facilities and management systems as they have the necessary equipment for inspections and measurements.

Information on equipment can be obtained from



Laboratory Testing

MIRTEC SA has specialized laboratories acknowledged by the National Accreditation System (ESYD S.A.) according the requirements of ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 and up- to-date equipment of the latest technology so that it can check a wide range of industrial and consumer products, organic and inorganic materials, which include agricultural products, surface and ground water, irrigation and potable water, solid and liquid waste. The vast experience of the EVETAM laboratories allows the prospect of internal processes (in-house) and specialized analysis depending on the requirements and needs of each customer.

Metallic & Metallourgical Materials Laboratories

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

A number of tests, such as tensile, compression, impact, bend, creep, fatigue and hardness tests are carried out, mainly at metallic materials. The laboratory, in some cases, has the possibility to perform such kind of tests at non metallic materials as well. 

Non Destructive Testing Laboratory

Inspections of metallic materials are carried out employing ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and radiographic techniques as well as magnetostrictive inspection of metal wire ropes. The laboratory is equipped with portable equipment for on site inspection.Β  

Microscopy and Metallography Laboratory

Examinations performed include observations of macrostructures and microstructures of materials for qualitative characterization and quantitative determination of phases and other characteristics which are connected to their chemical composition and their previous machining or treatment and are related to their properties during use. Laboratory evaluation of surface treatment processes and welding procedures according to European and international standards is offered as well as production and evaluation of field metallographic replicas.

There is also the capability for Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis of a wide range of materials (metals, ceramics, composites, minerals etc.) as well as Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDS. .Β  

Ceramics, Refractories & Building Materials Laboratories

Cement Concrete Bitaminus Mixtures Testing Laboratory

The Laboratory is activated in the field of testing of physical and mechanical properties of Cement, Concrete, Concrete Products and Bitaminus Mixtures. It provides Quality Certification Services according to national and international standards and regulations, in both the private and the public sector, to companies and industries of the construction sector, and to Certification and Inspection bodies. It also performs technical inspections and sampling of products..Β  

Steel for Reinforcement of Concrete Laboratory

The Steel for Reinforcement of Concrete Laboratory is concerted with the testing of Steel for Reinforcement of Concrete that leads to its certification. The tests that are carried out are tensile, fatigue, shear and bending tests. Also chemical analysis and dimensional measurements are being performed.Β  

Laboratory of Ceramics & Refractories - Adhesives - Natural Stones and Aggregates

In this lab carried out a crowd of physico-mechanical tests on building materials such as: Ceramic Tiles, Building Ceramic (brick-tiles), refractories, marble and decorative stones, mortar, building mortars, lime, tile adhesives, aggregates, soils, etc. Especially for testing cementitious tiles adhesives according to ELOT EN 12004 the laboratory is notified. The measurements of the laboratory in conjunction with chemical analysis of raw materials provides complete quality control of the final product.Β 

Laboratories for Fibrous, Organic and Textile Materials

Textiles Laboratory

A fully equipped laboratory where testing of physical and mechanical properties of textile products and other related products of different end uses is carried out. Indicatively tests can be carried out on products such as, personal protective equipment (PPE), military use products, medical textiles, home textiles, membranes, shoes, leather, gloves, paper, plastics, various hygiene products, toys, etc.Β 

Laboratory of Polymer and Foam Rubber

Tests are conducted according to International, European and national standards, on raw materials and finished products such as: plastic pipe systems of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC), polyethylene (PE), cross-linked polyethylene (XPE), polypropylene (PP), polybutene (PB) and rubber products.Β 

Chemical Analysis Laboratories

Chemical Analysis of Metallic Materials Laboratory

Chemical analyses are conducted on samples of various alloys, such as iron alloys (plain-carbon steel, stainless steel etc.), aluminium alloys, copper alloys and nickel alloys. Also, tests are conducted to determine total carbon in raw materials and steel products for the calculation of CO2 emissions. In addition, the laboratory has the capability to perform heavy metal analyses in water and in industrial environment (i.e. steel mills, foundries, etc.) by using dust collection techniques. 

Chemical laboratory of Ceramics and Building Materials

In the laboratory carried out a series of chemical analysis and quality control testing services for building, ceramics and refractory products. Chemical analysis of cement with precision, determination of chemical elements in industrial minerals, valuation analysis in soil and natural stone and ceramic raw materials, validation of water for concrete and determination of the release of lead and cadmium from ceramic.

Chemical Analysis Laboratory for Organic and Inorganic Materials

MIRTEC has a specialised and accredited laboratory for testing in textiles, leather and other materials parameters concerning the compliance with the REACH Regulation, such as pecticides, organic tin compounds, PFOS/PFOA, phthalates, PAH, flame retardants, azodyes, heavy metals, etc. 

Chemical laboratory of environmental measurements and instrumental analysis

Determinations of heavy metals and trace elements in solid, liquid and gaseous samples, physicochemical testing and detection of heavy metals in irrigation water and potable water, determinations of heavy metals in food and agricultural products, estimation of pollution load of industrial and municipal waste, waste Leaching tests with implementation of specified European and international standards (EN 12457, TCLP / USEPA), monitoring waste treatment systems, measurements of leachate from landfills, measurements of air quality in the workplace, and a multitude of specialized instrumental analysis on demand of each customer. At the same time, the lab is equipped with portable instruments for making field measurements.

Toys Laboratory

In our laboratory relevant testing for toys, according to standards of series ELOT EN 71 is performed

Low Voltage Laboratory

Electrical Cables Laboratory

Laboratory for fire extinguisher

Service for Industry and SMEs