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Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Research Center

Aizkraukles 21, LV-1006, Riga, Latvia
Riga, LV-1006


Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is a public research organization specializing in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical research, molecular biology and bioorganic chemistry

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Contact Person
Aigars Jirgensons
Deputy Director for Science
+371 67014948
is SME contact

LIOS possesses up-to-date research infrastructure (RI) to perform frontier studies in medicinal/organic chemistry and pharmacology, supported by analytical/bioanalytical chemistry, biophysical methods and chemo- and bioinformatics resources. LIOS has unlimited access to SciFinder and Scopus databases, and it subscribes to major chemistry and drug discovery-related journals. The total laboratory space of the Institute exceeds 5000 m2 and corresponds to research and safety requirements. It includes facilities for organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology (including with EU-requirements compliant animal facility), and laboratories for analytical and biophysical chemistry. A kilo-scale organic synthesis facility is available for large-scale preparations of compounds undergoing preclinical testing.



We offer the following set of services to the SMEs:

Drug Design and Discovery

Analytical Chemistry

Pharmacology and Biological Studies

Upscale and Development

Custom Synthesis