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KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

Academic Institution

K. Baršausko str. 59
51423 Kaunas


Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is a leading wide-ranging University, one of the leaders in research and experimental development and innovation (R&D&I) projects in Lithuania. Offering a wide range of technology-related studies and research is well-known for maintaining enduring relationships with business and industry. Each year KTU invests in research in breakthrough fields and aims to transfer the newly developed knowledge and technologies into studies and non-formal education. In this way KTU contributes to the knowledge-based welfare of the local community.

The R&D&I Strategy is directly implemented by the University’s research institutes, faculties, and other responsible units. In order to achieve continuous synergies between the science and business sectors in a dynamic innovation ecosystem, KTU effectively implements technology transfer, intellectual property management, young business development processes coordinated by KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (NIEC). As intermediary and coordinator Centre provides knowledge, experience and high qualification scientific solutions for businesses and other organizations.

KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

Contact Person
Mindaugas Bulota
Head of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
+370 650 23867
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KTU provides high-quality R&D&I services and rent of equipment via Open Access Centre Information System (APCIS), which is a “one-stop-shop” for inquiries. System includes more than 1200 services provided by over 1400 KTU researchers and can be used by business entities and public organizations.

Accredited laboratories:

Available equipment:

  • Ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy system KRATOS XSAM800
  • KRATOS molecular beam epitaxy system for GaAs with control
  • Electron beam lithography, electron microscopy and surface analysis system e-LiNE plus
  • Hybrid mass spectrometer with time of flight mass analyser
  • Comprehensive gas chromatography system with running time mass spectrometry detector GCxGC-TOFMS
  • Tandem three-quadrupole (MS / MS) mass spectrometer with ultra-high performance and supercritical fluid chromatography system
  • Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry system Bruker micrOTOF-QIII
  • Avance III 700 MHz is a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer 
  • 400 MHz Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer Bruker AVANCE 400 WB
  • 3D scanning laser Doppler vibrometer Polytec PSV-500-3D-HV 
  • X-ray microtomograph Rayscan 250E
  • Shimadzu Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer LCMS-2020
  • X-ray diffractometer D8 Discover, Bruker
  • Scanning electron microscope FEI QUANTA 200 FEG
  • ...

The complete list of equipment with more details can be found on KTU APCIS website. 


KTU NIEC provides a variety of services in different areas: 

Research – business projects

  • Management of R&D&I projects
  • Research for business
  • Solution of the company’s topics, development of the prototype
  • Consultations on the financing instruments

Establishment and development of new business

  • Consultations on the business creation
  • Development of new products
  • Partnership in the international/national projects
  • Organisation of the events for generation of the technological ideas (hackatons)

Protection of the intellectual property

  • Consultations on the issues of intellectual property
  • Technology patent analysis
  • Licencing

KTU services can be used by Lithuanian and foreign companies for R&D&I activities, as well as new product creation. Research services also give opportunities to Lithuanian and foreign organization to participate in joint science projects and provide joint R&D&I services.

5 R&D&I Priority Areas of the University’s research:

  • Diagnostic and measurement technologies
  • Smart environments and information technology
  • New high technology materials
  • Technologies for sustainable development and energy
  • Sustainable growth and socio-cultural development

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