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KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.

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KONČAR - Electrical Industry Inc.
Private research centre

Fallerovo šetalište 22
10 000 Zagreb


KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute, KEEI,, is the leading Croatian industrial institute involved in product certification, laboratory and on-site testing, and R&D in the fields of energy and railway. Apart from 10 well equipped laboratories with large number of accredited methods, KEEI offers proprietary solutions for different on-line monitoring systems (for transformers, electrical rotating machines, bay/switchyard), train control and management systems, modular platforms for configuring demanding embedded HW/SW systems (including safety related SIL4 platforms) as well as off-grid power supplies. KEEI has been involved in several European and national R&D grant schemes (HORIZON2020, EUREKA, Proof of Concept (PoC), ERDF etc.).

KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.

KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.

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KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc. is organized in 6 departments and its premises occupy 13.000 m2.
In the frame of 6 departments, there are specialized R&D sub-departments and 10 well-equipped laboratories (out of which 7 are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard) that are used for performing commercial services of testing and diagnostics. In July 2014 KEEI became a Notified Body (No. 2494) of the European Commission for several important EC directives (for low voltage equipment, machinery, EMC, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, appliances burning gaseous fuels, pressure equipment …).
The equipment regarding the laboratory tests provided by the Institute can be seen on the web-site


The Institute provides a wide range of testing services in many laboratories:
1. High-voltage Laboratory (High voltage test on electrical equipment, Calibration of High Voltage Measuring systems)
2. High Power Laboratory (Current testing of electric power equipment and testing of conformity of electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits)
3. Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety Laboratory (Testing of electromagnetic compatibility, radio and telecommunication equipment, safety of electrical and gas appliances, non-ionizing radiation and quality of electrical energy)
4. Calibration Laboratory (Calibration of measurement standards and electrical measuring instruments)
5. Laboratory for Physical and Chemical Testing (Testing of transformer oil)
6. Laboratory for Mechanical and Technological Testing (Testing of mechanical properties, Non-destructive testing, Testing of anticorrosive properties, Testing of environmental influence)
7. Laboratory for Noise and Vibration (Acoustical testing)
8. Environmental Laboratory (Testing of immunity to vibrations, IP,IK)
9. Laboratory for Rotating Machines
10. Power Electronics and Electrical Drives Laboratory

Laboratories 1-8 hold accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 international standard. Laboratory services are available for different stages (levels) of product development, i.e.:
a. proof of concept (PoC)
b. prototype development and testing
c. type and routine tests
d. demonstration
e. pilot production and demonstration/ pilot lines / pre-series
f. product validation / certification

Apart from laboratory services, KEEI also offers product certification services within SCERT - Independent Certification Body accredited according to as EN ISO/IEC 17065. The scope of SCERT accreditation comprises: certification of low voltage electrical equipment, machinery, gas appliances, radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and traffic control equipment according to safety requirements, certification of equipment according to the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and ecodesign requirements and noise emission requirements, certification of middle and high voltage electric power equipment and measuring instruments and anticorrosion and welding procedures.

A detailed description of EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories and methods as well as EN ISO/IEC 17065 certification services can be found on the following website: (one should write KONČAR - Institut to the KEYWORD SEARCH field).

Furthermore, KEEI is a Notified Body NB 2494 of the European Commission for the following directives:
• 2009/142/EC (ex-90/396/EEC) Appliances burning gaseous fuels
• 99/5/EC Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
• 2000/14/EC Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors
• 2006/42/EC Machinery
• 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic compatibility
• 2014/68/EU Pressure equipment
• 2014/32/EU Measuring Instruments Directive
• 2014/53/EU Radio equipment

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