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FCBA is a private non-profit research and innovation institute for the French forest-based sector. With more than 340 employees, the institute is active in research, development and innovation, standardization, certification, technical assistance, consultancy, expertise, testing, training and information of public and private forest-based and furniture stakeholders. FCBA covers a wide range of clients, e.g. forest management companies, forest owners, suppliers, wood products industries, construction sector, furniture, pulp and paper, etc. FCBA also actively contributes to sectorial policy support actions at national and regional level, while steering pro-active dialog with public authorities supporting building with wood, and the circular forest-based bioeconomy.
Forest-research activities address a variety of themes, like e.g. tree genetics, breeding, silviculture, biotechnology, forest resources modelling, harvesting, logistics, transportation, wood quality and process interactions, living and building with wood, wood-based construction materials, sustainable habitats, sustainable development including socio-economic analysis of the forest-based sector.
FCBA is operating the secretariat of the European Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP); FCBA is member of the European Forest Institute and the InnovaWood network.


Institut Technologique FCBA

Institut Technologique FCBA

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FCBA has several laboratories that are specialised on research, development and testing of forest-based and other materials, e.g. biology, chemical, seismic, mechanical, physical, fire testing, acoustic, fibre testing, genetic testing, a living lab and a virtual reality laboratory. FCBA is one of the incubators for the FabLab at Cité Descartes with the partner research organisation at Champs-sur-Marne.


FCBA is specialised to serve the forest-based sector in France and in cooperation on pre-competitive research on European and international level.

It carries out a wide variety of training for the French forest-based and furniture industries.

It is one of the key certification bodies in France.

FCBA develops in collaborative research and innovation projects new technologies, prototypes and concepts with industrial partners.

All research and innovation activites at FCBA are classfied TRL (4) 5 - 9.

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