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HyCentA, Hydrogen Research Center Austria, founded in 2005, is an independent research centre in Graz, Austria, based at the Graz University of Technology. We are an interdisciplinary dedicated team with 80+ researchers. HyCentA Research GmbH is the only extra-university research institution in Austria exclusively dedicated to research and development on green hydrogen technologies. We conduct joint projects with leading companies and scientific partners on the production, distribution, storage and application of renewable hydrogen - and thus cover the entire value chain with our unique know-how.

HyCentA "Hydrogen Research Center Austria" is a COMET centre of the 6th call for COMET centres (K1) and runs in the current period from 2023 - 2026. A total of around 40 leading national and international scientific partners and companies are researching hydrogen technologies together with HyCentA in the COMET programme.

The goal of the HyCentA research programme is to advance the sustainable hydrogen society several steps forward. Therefore, hydrogen technologies for a holistic transformation from fossil energy to green hydrogen and green electricity in mobility, industry, households and energy services are to be researched and developed in detail. Research on electrochemical technologies for hydrogen production and use, such as electrolysis and fuel cells, but also on new storage technologies will enable the seasonal storage of renewable energies, increased efficiency and resource conservation. In addition, cross-cutting research areas are considered, such as simulation and systemic analysis of the application of hydrogen technologies, improved test methods and the circular economy including production, industrialisation and recycling of components and materials. The research programme contributes to lowering the costs of the technologies, reducing the degradation of electrochemical cells and increasing efficiency, while improving the functionalities of electrochemical and storage technologies. Furthermore, optimisation potentials through sector coupling of energy, industry and mobility as well as the ideal combination of key technologies are to be identified.

The COMET centre is funded within the framework of COMET - Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies - by BMK, BMAW and the co-financing federal states of Styria, Upper Austria, Tyrol and Vienna. The COMET programme is managed by the FFG.

HyCentA Research GmbH

HyCentA Research GmbH

Contact Person
Alexander Trattner
CEO and Research Director
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Testing is an integral part of HyCentA's research portfolio to advance hydrogen technologies along the entire value chain. In the laboratories and test stands at HyCentA, performance, safety, degradation behaviour and reliability are examined and tested in real operation with hydrogen. For this purpose, HyCentA has a wealth of test rigs and laboratories at its disposal, which meet the high and customised requirements of established test and inspection routines as well as specialised individual requirements from the HyCentA research portfolio and that of our partners. The different types of tests that can be carried out on the test benches and in the laboratories include, for example, quality tests, calibration services, performance and efficiency tests, safety tests, endurance tests and tests under real environmental conditions.

HyCentA is operating a 1200 sqm modern research infrastructure with highly qualified staff. The research infrastructure consists of two electrolysis cell test stations, two electrolysis stack test stations, a high-pressure test stand up to 1000 bar, a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for cars, trucks and busses, two flexible test cells with modern measurement techniques, gas quality analysis laboratory, electrochemical laboratory and the 160 kW fuel cell system test bench with climate chamber.


HyCentA implements innovations together with companies and accompanies technologies from the idea to market maturity. The available disciplines and experience provide the opportunity to solve current and future challenges in a results-oriented manner. In doing so, HyCentA plays an integral role in linking science and industry by translating the latest scientific developments, concepts and breakthroughs into industrial applications, thus creating added value for companies and society.

Structure, methods, project teams and duration are carefully planned for each specific project to meet individual needs while creating optimal cost efficiency in a results-oriented manner.

The services we offer are: cooperative R&D, testing, simulation and training.

Forms of cooperation
As a research centre, HyCentA is open for collaborations and partners can choose between a variety of funded and non-funded cooperation opportunities:

Compared to other national and international funding programmes, the COMET K1 funding programme offers simple application procedures within the scientific focus of HyCentA. The project consortium must consist of at least one scientific and two industrial partners. Due to the public funding, this cooperation scenario is particularly suitable for projects whose potential has not yet been fully explored and for companies seeking a balanced relationship between risk and investment.

Non-COMET projects
Non-COMET projects are implemented in the area not funded by COMET. The project costs must be borne entirely by the project consortium. Non-COMET projects can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Funded Non-COMET projects offer the opportunity to significantly reduce the costs of high-risk research projects by applying for national and international funding programmes (e.g. CLEAN HYDROGEN, HORIZON, Framework Programme of the European Union).

Contract research
Within the framework of contract research projects, HyCentA provides specific, fully cost-covering services for one or more clients without any self-financing or external financing.

Strategic partnerships
At HyCentA, we believe in the power of collaborations and partnerships to achieve outstanding results together. We actively work to build long-term, strategically synergistic and aligned partnerships based on a good culture of collaboration.

Our partnerships are based on trust, commitment and open dialogue. We work closely with our partners to develop a deep understanding of their needs and challenges and to find innovative solutions together.

It is important to us that both sides benefit from the cooperation. That is why we offer our partners individually tailored cooperation that is aligned with their needs and goals. We believe that long-term success can only be achieved by working together as partners at eye level.

Our cooperations are not limited to a specific industry or size. We work with large companies, start-ups, research institutions and other organisations to jointly develop and implement innovative solutions.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact us and let's shape the future together.

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