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The French Center for Rubber and Polymers (CFCP) is made up of five organizations intended to support the development of the rubber industry in France and Europe. 

1) LRCCP / French Rubber and Plastics Research and Testing Laboratory

2) IFOCA ACADEMY / National Institute for Training and Professional Education of Rubber

3) SNCP / French Rubber Manufacturers Association

4) TNPF / Tyres Standardization

5) FDCA / Rubber Foundation

The CFCP is a multidisciplinary skills center bringing together nearly eighty engineers, doctors, technicians, lawyers and economists.

The CFCP, through the SNCP, is a member of the ETRMA (European tire and rubber manufacturers ’association) based in Brussels.

French Rubber and Polymer Center

French Rubber and Polymer Center

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#LRCCP is specialized on polymer material espacialy rubber.

We have all machines (click here) we need for your mechanical, chemical or digital characterizations of polymers materials especially rubber.

And we have a workshop wich works on rubber or plastic formulation. We also manufacture prototypes. 



#IFOCA Academy could provide to you several digital trainings on general or very specialized subjects around rubber ==> Just click here


For all information needs ask us on


Services around rubber and polymers

–Design assistance

–Testing, certification and approval

–Polymer mechanics

–Physico-chemical analysis

–Long-terme behavior

–Technical support, expertise 

–Research & Development (Recycling, smart rubber, material behaviour simulation...)

-Digital training

The skills fields developed by the LRCCP allow it to operate throughout the entire life cycle of rubber and polymer products, from design through to the recovery of end-of-life products, and including manufacturing and maintenance.

Other activities
rubber formulation
Plastic formulation
rubber caracterizations
Material failure analysis
Service for Industry and SMEs