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Advanced Technologies for Industry
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The Danish Technological Institute (DTI)
Non-Profit Organisation

Forskerparken 10F
5230 Odense M


DTI develops, applies and transfers robotic technology to industry and society. Our focus is to apply new research, knowledge and technology to create robot technology solutions that make a difference.

DTI - Centre for Robot Technology

DTI - Centre for Robot Technology

Contact Person
Kurt Nielsen

2000 square metres with the latest robot technology including a SensorLab, a DroneLab, a Robot Safety Lab and a Robot CoWorker Lab. We have more than 15 industrial robots and 40 robotics specialists within industry and services.


Our products and services delivered to companies, public organizations and others cover:

  • Robotic Solutions. End-user centered design and set up of business cases, development of robotic systems as well as competences and organizational capabilities at end-user sites, deployment of robotic solutions.
  • Test & Documentation. Performance measures on robotic systems in real end-user environments or in realistic lab set ups, analysis of these results and statistical analysis, good documentation, and dissemination of test results where appropriate.
  • Training & Education. Tools, methods and theories transferred to end-users, system integrators, technology specialists, key stakeholders in robotic industries and users hereof with a focus on practical built up of skills.
  • Consultancy. Identify robotics application potentials in current practices, resolve and troubleshoot malfunctioning robotic solutions, comparative studies of technologies and application specifics, general advice about robotics.
  • Networking & Events. Workshops, conferences, exhibitions, study tours, and awards centered around robotics in different branches with a focus on personal relations, initiation of collaborations, and sharing know-how.
  • Advanced Pilot Production. Development and manufacturing of robotic solutions or components with advanced high-tech features, establishment of advanced robot-based manufacturing.
  • Research, Development & Innovation Programs. Breakthrough innovations based on strategic and advanced product design, consortia establishment, iterative cycle-based work plans, budgets, fundraising, proposal writing, contracting.

Expertise in technological domains covers at least:

  • Modelling, simulation and programming of (robot)motions
  • Mechanics, electronics and construction
  • Sensors, signal processing and sensor fusion
  • Modern Artificial Intelligence
  • Human-Robot Interaction.

DTI is a networking organization that teams up with companies, public organizations, research institutes, branch representatives and other key stakeholders in order to join forces and maximize the positive robotics impact on end-users. More than 2.500 collaborating partners from Denmark and globally are included in the network.

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