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CETMA - European Research Center for Technologies Design and Materials

Research Center

Cittadella della Ricerca
S.s. Appia Km 706,03
72100 Brindisi BR


CETMA is a no-profit Research and Technology Organization. It carries out independent research activities and provides advanced services to enterprises (specially small and medium ones) and to public institutions.

It is a multidisciplinary center and is organized in three Department:

  • Advanced Materials Engineering Department

  • Computer Engineering Department

  • Industrial Design Department

Its expertise concerning Materials Engineering are about carbon fiber composites, other polymer composites, polymeric materials, ceramic and ceramic composite materials, bio-based materials, shape memory alloys. A special expertise is about recycling of waste materials.

In Computer Engineering its  expertise are about developing software for industrial and engineering applications, for Advanced Visual Systems using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and for robotics and automation applications including e-health applications.

Industrial Design Department is experienced in all phases of Product Development, including skills for ergonomic analysis and for marketing analysis.

CETMA - European Research Center for Technologies Design and Materials

CETMA - European Research Center for Technologies Design and Materials

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Material and component characterization equipments

  • Universal Testing Machine for mechanical testing on materials and components

  • HDT- VICAT fordetermination of Equipment for measurement of Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) and of Vicat Softening Temperature

  • HPLC - High-pressure liquid chromatography

  • GPC - Gel permeation chromatography

  • Thermal Conductivity λ-Meter

  • Optical Flexmeter and horizontal optical dilatometer

  • Contact angle analysis

  • Automatic hydraulic systems for static and low frequency dynamic tests on building materials

  • Climatic chamber

  • Infrared thermo-camera

  • Ultrasonic Equipment

  • Polling system for FBG sensors for monitoring of components and structures.

  • Optical Backscatter Reflectometer for monitoring of components and structures.

Material Processes equipments

  • Compression Molding Pilot line

  • Induction welding

  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)

  • Industrial Electrical Vacuum Oven

  • Rotational Moulding Laboratory line

  • Equipments for the preparation of building materials and the test at fresh and hardened state

Product Design and Engineering equipments

  • Software Suites For Finite Element, Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • CAD suites

  • 3D Printers

    Virtual Reality Equipments

  • Virtual Reality Center


  • DUNE©.suite – Software suite for virtual reality

    ICT & Multimedia Equipments

  • Audio/Video Equipment

  • Software/Hardware for post-production 3D /Video

  • Software for editing, 3D animation and modeling, audio and video post-production, authoring DVD

  • Portable 3D Scanner

  • Software Suite for development of web, mobile and desktop applications

  • Parallel High Power GRID Computing Access Gate (ENEA-CRESCO)


Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, CETMA  provides a very large range of services for enabling  SMEs into using advanced technologies:

  • Development and Process of Advanced Materials
  • Materials Characterizations
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Numerical  Simulation of complex phenomena
  • Product Design  & Engineering
  • 3D printing and prototyping
  • Software for Robotics, Automation and Control Systems
  • Software for Information Systems and Knowledge Management
  • New Product Market Analysis & Business Planning
  • Training
  • Innovation management
  • Contract Research
Service for Industry and SMEs