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Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicacións de Galicia (GRADIANT)

Private research centre

Fonte das Abelleiras, s/n. Edificio CITEXVI
36310 Vigo Pontevedra


Gradiant, Spanish ICT technology centre, aims to improve the competitiveness of companies by transferring knowledge and technologies in the fields of connectivity, intelligence and  security. With more than 100 professionals and 14 applied patents, Gradiant has developed more than 285 different R&D&i projects, becoming one of the main engines of innovation in Galicia. In 2018, Gradiant’s turnover reached 5 million euros, working with more than 170 clients in 29 countries.

Gradiant is backed by a board that includes representatives of the three Galician universities (Vigo, Santiago and A Coruña) and seven companies from the telecommunications industry: Altia, Arteixo Telecom, Egatel, Indra, Plexus, R, Telefónica, Televés; and INEO business association, which represents most of ICT Galician companies.

The commitment with quality is a constant from the beginning. Nine months after starting the activity, Gradiant achieved the Quality Management UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008; and one year later, UNE 166002 R&D&I Management Systems was obtained. In 2011, Gradiant was included in the demanding state registration of Technological Innovation Centres (known in Spanish as CIT). Since 2018, Gradiant has held the Certification in Information Security Management Systems UNE-EN ISO/IEC 27001.

After ten years of activity, Gradiant is positioned as a technology partner for the industry, oriented to their needs in the field of ICT, contributing their national and international experience in technologies for security and privacy; processing of multimedia signals; Internet of Things; biometrics and data analytics; and advanced communications systems.

Gradiant is part of the following european platforms and organizations: 

  • European Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI). Gradiant is Chair of the Smart Farming & Food Security working group (WG06) in AIOTI.
  • European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)
  • NetWorld2020, 5G European Technology Platform for communications networks and services
  • Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI)
  • New European Media (NEM)
  • European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA)

Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicacións de Galicia (GRADIANT)

Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicacións de Galicia (GRADIANT)

Contact Person
David Chaves Dieguez
Head of Technology
+34 986 120 430

Gradiant has its own computing HPC resources. This HPC infrastructure is 100% owned by Gradiant.

Gradiant has an advanced experimental environment for the design, development and validation of:

  • Future Cellular Network Technologies
    • New Radio Access Technologies
    • New SDN/NFV architectures
    • Advanced Security Features
    • Novel equipment and devices
  • Novel communications services and applications for different vertical sectors
    • Intelligent Video analysis for Security applications
    • Process automation and optimization for Industry 4.0
    • Multimedia Content Broadcasting
    • C-ITS Advanced Services

This environment includes a virtual 5G infrastructure that is used in the form of a Testing LAB, which includes:

  • OpenStack and Kubernetes virtualization

  • Orquestación NFV orchestration.

  • SDN devices: Switch Bare-metal 48x10G.

  • Radio devices: multiple SDRs, RF-SOC, modem 5G

  • Interconection RF matrix + mobile anechoic camera

Gradiant also has this specialized equipment for its use in projects and services:

  • Drone fleet, including:
    • DJI Mavic mini
    • DJI Phantom 4 pro
    • DJI Matrice 100
    • DJI Matrice 600 (RTK)
    • 2x Parrot Beebop
  • Computing infrastructure
    • Servers, with a total of 304 cores and 1.22 TBs RAM and multiple GPUs
    • Storage (in cabinet), total 62 TBs.
    • Cryptoprocessors: 2 x Utimaco
  • High performance GPU embedded processing devices
    • Nvidia Jetson TX1 y TX2
    • Nvidia Xavier NX
  • Image acquisition hardware
    • Dual IR - RGB cameras with very long range FLIR PT606 y PT650
    • Outdoors long range RGB - PTZ cameras Axis Q6045, Q6055, Q8085, Q8685.
    • Outdoors medium range RGB cameras DAHUA IPC-HFW5231E-Z12
    • High resolution cameras which can be used as drone payload FLIR Black Fly 
    • Drone camera DJI Zenmuse Z3

In combination with the mentioned hardware, GRAD owns a number of software components and Big Data technology demonstrators related to diverse data mining and machine learning scenarios. They are mainly based on Hadoop, with HBase as a NoSQL massive storage system, Apache Cascading as the analytics data flow configuration tool and Apache Mahout for the distributed data processing stage.

Gradiant is part of the spanish national excellence network in Advanced Mobile Networking (Open-VERSO). This network allows Gradiant to build a federated experimental 5G testbed, which will be evolved with beyond-5G technologies and integrated with the infrastructure of the other members of the network (Vicomtech and i2CAT). The testbed is focused on providing the foundations to test and validate future wireless technologies for next generation cellular networking.


Gradiant offers the following services:

  • R&D
    • R&D project development
    • Prototype design and implementation
    • Proof of concept development
  • Strategic advice
    • ICT diagnosis
    • ICT innovation strategy advice
    • Technical feasibility analysis
    • Systems design / advanced ICT architectures: on-board or
    • HW systems; data capture systems based on IoT
    • platforms; massive data storage and processing systems;
    • Cloud systems and architectures for OPEX reduction
    • Proof of concept
  • Technology surveillance
    • Technology surveillance: Systematic analysis of information on the state of digital technologies of interest to the company to help it in the strategic decision-making process.
    • Technological evaluation
  • Technical expert
    • Expert technical advice
    • Optimization of ICT infrastructure
    • Performance of HW systems and software
    • Technical consultancy in ICT tools
    • Technical advice for investments
    • Process Mining
    • NEOTEC reports
    • Technology mentoring to entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Education and training
    • Specialized technical training: both in open courses and in-company training
    • Technological Coaching: continuous support to the company to help in the strategic decision making associated to the use of digital technologies
    • In Sourcing: training talent through stays for the training of specialized personnel
  • Hardware lab
    • Electronic design and prototyping: (analogue, digital and radio frequency): from the capture of requirements to the manufacture of small series, including the schematic design and layout of the PCB
    • Characterization of electronic devices: measurement and analysis of a specific electronic system using laboratory equipment (transmit power, gain, noise, harmonics...)
  • Innovation support
    • Management and coordination of R&D&i projects
    • Assistance in the preparation of R&D&i project proposals
    • Evaluation of R&D&i proposals
    • Technical Project Office Services
    • Institutional representation in international forums
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