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Centexbel was founded in 1950 at the initiative of Fedustria to reinforce the competitive position of the Belgian textile companies.

To fulfill this mission, Centexbel offers an extensive range of axtivities to the textile industry, including Research & Development, testing, certification, consultancy, and training.

Centexbel guarantees:

  • independent and objective advice
  • the expertise of 160 highly educated collaborators
  • transsectorial and international networking
  • focus on sustainable development
  • practice-oriented support
  • partnership
  • an open approach

In 2014, VKC (Flemish Plastics Centre) became a division of Centexbel, by which the expertise and services are expanded to the plastic converting industry.



Contact Person
Bernard PAQUET

is SME contact

Centexbel's research activities are primarily focused on a "sustainable" textile industry. In this context, Centexbel examines and evaluates the applicability and added value of the results of fundamental research, of new materials, additives and technologies (some of which are already applied in other industrial sectors).

Pilot platforms

Professional guidance and testing facilities for product development and optimisation and for small production runs on our five semi-industrial platforms :

  • knitting
  • coating
  • extrusion
  • textile finishing
  • laundry platform
  • composite reinforcement

Testing (and certification) of textiles - from raw material to finished product - in an independent and accredited textile laboratory not only results into an important competitive advantage but is also proof of your respect of your ultimate users' well-being.

Testing Laboratories

  • burning behaviour
  • chemicale testing
  • physical testing
  • microbiological testing



Centexbel puts several semi-industrial platforms at the disposal of the industry to perform test runs or very small production runs and for product development purposes, under the supervision and guidance of our experts.

We also organise seminars, information sessions and congresses on a very regular basis about all aspects of product development, new and sustainable production processes, energy and environment... at a very reasonable price, all the more so since Centexbel is a recognized service and training provider.

The dissemination of information is also guaranteed by:

  • the publication of several newsletters
  • standardisation activities: as sectoral operator of all textile related standards, Centexbel is the spokesperson of the Belgian textile industry in the European and international standardisation committees (CEN & ISO)
  • patents and intellectual property rights (IPR): our patent cell welcomes the industry and all its questions related to patents and IPR

Finally, several Centexbel collaborators audit quality, environmental and safety systems and will scan the innovation capacity of companies.

Other activities
Service for Industry and SMEs