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59 Chemin du Vieux Chêne
38240 MEYLAN Cedex


Cedrat Technologies SA is a high tech SME specializing in high performance mechatronics: 
- Smart Actuators : Actuators & motors based on piezoelectric materials, EAP, ultrasonic effects, 
- Smart Sensors : Magnetic, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric sensors, transformers or generators ; Force, Torque, Position, Speed, contactless sensors.
- Mechatronic systems : Multi-dof mechanisms ; nano micro positioning ; motion control ; Active control / damping of Vibrations ; Vibration (Ultrasonic or sonic) assistance to process ; Proportional valves ; Fast injectors ; active / smart structures ; electro acoustic transducers ; sono reactors
- Detection systems :  Health monitoring ; NDT using magnetic or acoustic effects ; Localisation

In these domains, Cedrat Technologies designs, manufactures & tests components, smart systems inc. electronics. Cedrat Technologies also performs R&D activities and transfers of technologies for mass production applications. Training activities complete these transfers .

Cedrat Technologies  focus in highly-demanding mechatronic applications, as meet in air&space, defence, optronics, embedded instrumentations, machine-tool...Most of its piezo / magnetic actuators and mechanisms have been designed to withstand harsh environment (shocks, vibrations, TV) and have been space qualified. It is why its piezo / magnetic actuators & motors are used by NASA, JPL, ESA, CNES, ONERA, AIRBUS, BOEING, LOCKHEED MARTIN, SAGEM, SANDIA LAB, SENER, THALES...  This robustness and high reliability are also useful for many other sectors. 

Cedrat Technologies emploies 51 peoples based in the French Innovation Valley, Meylan, close to Grenoble, France. To sustain our continuous growth and meet our customers' requirements, positions are being regularly opened in every department of our company. 



Contact Person
Frank Claeyssen
Managing director
is SME contact

The R&D facilities used by CTEC to customize our technologies include advanced modelling CAD programs: ATILA 3D FEM for 3D structures coupled to electro-active materials and/or fluids; FLUX 3D FEM for magnetic engineering devices such as electric motors & sensors; MATLAB-SIMULINK, SPICE and ALTIUM for the design of the driving and control electronics; Solidworks CAD for the mechanical computation and the drawings.

The R&D facilities include also workshop facilities and Test Equipment adapted to Mechatronic: Coil winding machine; Precision assembly ; 2D/3D metrology; IPC 3 brazing;  ISO 5 Clean room; Thermal-Vacuum & Climatic chambers; Vibration shakers; PCs with LABVIEW; Lab. power supplies & amplifiers for piezo & magnetic devices; Impedance & Spectrum analyser; Gauss-meter; Auto collimators ; Laser interferometers / vibrometers …


CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES's extensive R&T activity is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of experts. Our laboratories are equipped with a complete library of engineering software and specialised measurement apparatus.

Beyond standard products and building blocks, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES provides completely customised solutions. We apply our long experience and technical know-how to the innovation of your products. From power systems to electromechanical devices drive and control, from active materials based structures to electromagnetic and thermal design of electrical machines, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES supplies software and hardware solutions adapted to your application.

We show you activities we have in collaborative project, and we explain the services we offer in B to B project development.

Other activities
Actuator Motor Mechanism Transducer Damper Harvester Generator Sensor
Piezoelectric Magnetic Electromagnetic Acoustic Ultrasonic
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