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The smart-grid systems platform works with fifteen industrial partners on how to scale, operate, and optimize energy systems for individual homes, buildings, or entire neighborhoods.
These energy systems can be connected to intermittent energy sources (PV solar panels or electric vehicles) and electricity storage systems—all of which must be managed optimally to ensure that electricity is available when needed. R&D work at the platform encompasses modelling, virtual and real-world component testing, software development, and materials selection.

CEA Smart Grids

CEA Smart Grids

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David Holden

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The platform leverages a real-time grid simulator showing converters, consumption, rooftop PV panels, and various electricity-storage systems. The simulator can be used to test different grid configurations, determine operation strategies, and optimize overall system efficiency.


30 engineers and technicians manage a real-time grid simulator integrating converters, power transfer, rooftop PV panels, and various electricity-storage systems. Services include feasibility studies, prototype development, testing, security analysis, and benchmarking.

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