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Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

Research Center

Krenngasse 37
8010 Graz


The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology is a privately owned non-profit research centre specialized on bridging the gap between basic academic research and experimental industrial development. Although officially founded in 2010, its roots go back into the early 90s with predecessor organizations growing over time and merging with others. With approximately 200 of highly skilled and motivated employees and expertise from our currently 18 scientific partners acib offers a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the fields of biocatalysis, enzyme technology, protein engineering, (bio)polymers, metabolic modeling, bioprocess engineering, synthetic biology and cell engineering,... The main locations are in Austria (Vienna, Graz, Tulln, Linz, Innsbruck) with additional locations in Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Taiwan and New Zealand.

We provide research and innovation to SMEs in the field of (industrial) biotechnology, which includes various other sectors:
- Energy: Application of biotechnology for biofuels 2.0 and 3.0
- Materials: The development of novel biomaterials
- Environmental Biotechnology: Using enzymes and microorganisms for new environmentally friendly products and processes, including recycling of polymers, bioleaching of minerals and the economic use of residual materials from agriculture/industry
- Agriculture: Analysis of agricultural conditions and the application of microorganisms to protect plants from i) pathogens, ii) abiotic stress (heat, drought, salinity...) and/or to iii) increase certain compounds (flavour&fragrances, ingredients of herbal medicines), iv) increase growth/biomass
- Pharma: Helping the pharmaceutical industry with i) biocatalytic synthesis of pharma intermediates and/or APIs, ii) development of new cell factories for the production of (bio)pharmaceuticals, iii) bioengineering for a better up- and downstreamprocessing

acib has created its own network of research institutions and companies. Currently 50+ industrial partners and 18 scientific partners have signed the acib agreement and thereby joined the acib consortium. However, we do also R&D with a lot of academia and companies including SMEs beyond the acib consortium.

Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology


We have state-of-the-art equipment owned by acib worth >8 million Euros (acquisition costs) and through framework contracts with our 18 scientific partners (universities and research institutions in Austria and beyond) access much more and provide these for R&D projects.

We have equipment in the field of
- bioreactors (for pro- and eukaryotes)
- protein purification (HPLC, UHPLC, ÄKTA, etc.)
- analysis (GC-MS, Caliper Bioanalyzer, Nano DSC, Zetasizer NanoZS, LUMiSizer, Real-time PCR, Raman Station, etc.)
- microscopes (light, inverted, fluorescence, yeast tetrad dissection, etc.)
- photometers, plate readers, microarrayscanners (different spectra, different systems)
- robots (pipett robots, picking robots, etc.)
- software licenses (3DM clients, CLC Genomic Workbench, Matlab, etc.)
- and many more within acib (and many many more accessible through our scientific partners)
- ...

Currently the homepage is being renewed and in the near future all equipment should be accessible through the new homepage.


acib provides several different services to the Industry:
+ contract research in all areas (from R&D to production and analysis)
+ extensive literature studies and IP search
+ consulting for funded research
+ professional project management for (funded) projects
+ professional dissemination activities
+ organization of events and conferences
+ training courses (theoretical and 'hands-on')
+ partner search
+ looking for technologies
+ 'acib task force' => solving problems for companies at their place
+ flexible and tailored solutions for the industries needs

Service for Industry and SMEs