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Arctic Drone Labs is an Unmanned Aircraft System Innovation ecosystem based in Finland. It provides world-class innovative solutions, technical and non-technical services to its members and partners in the field of UAS, robotics, autonomous systems and associated fields. We gather the best practices in relevant research and industry domains and contribute to the advancement of research knowledge, stronger innovative practices, industry-driven standardisation and development of relevant vertical and horizontal markets in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

The alliance opens access to research and brings expertise of all its members to enable new business opportunities for SMEs and other stakeholders. We also contribute to the standardisation and dissemination activities and policymaking. By investing systematically into the cutting-edge technology innovations, we deliver the complete range of solutions from technology enablers to post-operational data analytics. Collaboration with stakeholders allows us to mobilise required resources in a fast and efficient way.

Together with our members and partners, we facilitate European move towards digital single market strategy and contribute to the establishment of a European U-Space Demonstrator Network.

Arctic Drone Labs is a European Commission accredited Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). We are also a part of the Allied ICT Finland network and Rethinking Autonomy and Safety innovation ecosystem and service platform for autonomous systems R&D (RAAS) and a member of national association RPAS Finland and Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries (AFDA).

Arctic Drone Labs

Arctic Drone Labs

Contact Person
Kimmo Paajanen
Ecosystem Leader

The Arctic Drone Labs (ADL) fleet currently includes a total of 17 drones with a maximum payload of 15 kg. We have a wide range of low-deployment drones that are particularly suitable for flight instruction and training, but can also be used for imaging and data acquisition activities. ADL also has aircraft and sensor equipment suitable for research and development, e.g. Multi- and Hyperspectral cameras, lidar, spraying drone, thermal cameras (2), as well as the ability to process and analyse the data obtained with them. 


We want to help your drone business to succeed. Offering a wide range of services to our members we provide a platform for drone and UAS application business to grow on. Arctic Drone Labs service portfolio include proof of concept and lab testing at TR-levels 3 and 4, prototype development and testing at TR-levels 4 and 5 as well as demonstrations at TR-levels 6 and 7. More details below:

Arctic Drone Labs service portfolio

  • Access to technology expertise and facilities for validation
  • ADL provides industry, especially SMEs, an access to technology expertise through the cooperation projects, which is conducted either with industry partner’s own experts or experts through the ADL network in the field of chosen activities listed in the application. Examples of cooperation projects: building and testing drones and related sensors, cellular phone applications, and software for data processing.
  • Experts through ADL have consulted SMEs from technology concept level through prototype development to demonstrations in operational environments.
  • ADL includes more than 20 Finnish companies or research institutes covering a wide range of experts focused on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and technologies utilized; i.e. printed intelligence, broadband comms, sensor technologies, image processing.
  • Following-up and influencing drone regulation is part of our expertise.
  • ADL has full-scale labs to develop, integrate and test electronics (including printed electronics) and mechanics. Through its network it provides companies access to (list exemplary, not exhaustive) electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), specific absorption rate (SAR), hardware reliability (stress/fatigue, climate conditions) or over-the air (OTA) tests and validations.

Proof of concept / Lab testing (TRL3, TRL4)

  • Utilising several laboratory facilities in collaboration with ecosystem members: Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Oulu, TESTiLABS, VTT
  • We prepare environments and fields for testing drone related proof-of-concepts and products. Currently we have testing areas/facilities (drone labs) in several locations in Finland, where drone equipment is available for rapid testing of new ideas. We also have a network of drone pilots available for helping with diverse missions.

Prototype development and testing (TRL4, TRL5)

  • Facilitating testing processes for prototype development
  • The aim is to utilise drone-related technology to increase the business potential of companies and to increase the efficiency of the activities of public stakeholders. The demonstrations will carry out rapid experiments using drones and related peripherals and tools, with the aim of creating new products and services. The project will be implemented in close cooperation with companies, research institutes and authorities in the relevant area. Examples of quick experiments: supervision, cleaning and washing, temperature measurement, automated work processes, supply of goods, utility inspections.

Demonstrations (TRL6, TRL7)

  • Demonstration of product concepts provided by SMEs and network partners
  • Examples of demonstrations: integrating high resolution thermal cameras to flying platforms e.g for checking structures and finding missing persons in the terrain. Integrating light detection and ranging (lidar) or RGB camera equipment for photogrammetry and 3D-modelling of target objects, sensors measuring distances (ranging), hyperspectral and multispectral imaging and data analysis.
  • Our multispectral cameras can be utilised to demonstrate agricultural photography in industrially relevant or operational environments.

The following services are in the planning phase and will be available in future:

  • Pilot production and demonstration / pilot lines / pre-series
  • Product validation / certification
Service for Industry and SMEs