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The Applied Polymer Technologies (APT) Gateway Centre is a nationally funded research centre specialised in polymer processing and testing. It offers a full range of activities from part design to pilot production using a suite of industry relevant polymer processing equipment. The APT centre is a member of the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network which includes 15 specialised Gateways and 3 sectoral clusters delivering innovation expertise and solutions for industry.

The centre has a number of collaborative EU wide links with industry and academia  based on its parent organisations membership of the European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform ( and the Regional University Network (  


Applied Polymer Technologies

Applied Polymer Technologies

Contact Person
Noel Gately
APT Centre Manager
Director, Materials Research Institute

The APT centre has a range of industry relevant equipment which can generally be characterised as: 

Polymer Processing;

Polymer Characterisation;

Design and additive manufacturing;

Specific items include: 

Injection  moulding

130 T. Sumitumo Demag with integrated material handling system

130 T. Fanuc

60 T. Arburg

35 T. Arburg

6 T. Babyplast

14 T. Whitman Battenfeld fully integrated micromoulder with cleanroom


27mm  Leistritz (25 kg per hour)

16mm Prism   (20g min batch size)

22mm EUEXMA High temp compounder (10kg per hour)

Q2 2021 planetary compounder

Q2 2021 In line compouner/rheometer

27mm  Leistritz (25 kg per hour)

Labtech 250ml Blow-moulding

3D Filament extruder (12 spools per hour)

40 mm Boston Matthews Tube

EUEXMA Lab Blown Film

EUEXMA Melt-Spinning Fibre line

25mm Betol cast film

Design and Additive Manufacturing


SLA: 3D systems viper, Form labs form 2, new Large bed SLA Q2 2021

FDM: Makerbot, Prusa i3 mk3, Funmat HT, Mark forged 2, Large bed FDM

Arburg Freeformer HT

SLS: Sinterit Lisa

GOM 3D scanner


A full suite of polymer characterisation equipment including Thermal (DSC, DMA, TGA, AFM/SThM, rheology), Chemical (FTIR, Raman, GC, GPC, HPLC), mechanical testing (Tensile, Impact, hardness, etc). and shelf life testing (QUV, Humidity, sub ambient, etc). 


The APT centre offers a full range of services including contract testing and collaborative supports through a range of EU funding mechanisms. Services includes: 

Pilot and production-scale injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming, extrusion and compounding lines

Advanced analytical facilities for materials research, testing and troubleshooting

Design, rapid prototyping and micro-moulding capabilities

Service for Industry and SMEs