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Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics

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Obudai University
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The ABC Center for Intelligent Robotics (IROB) is a recently established independent research center within Óbuda University, devoted to promote the scientific and technological advancement of robotics.

IROB has three major focuses for operation:

  • Cutting edge development in the fundamentals of robotics—including hardware and software; mechatronics, control and application.
  • Bridging the development projects to particular applications, tapping into the scientific results to solve the emerging issues of modern society.
  • Disseminating current knowledge about robotics both in structured form via university courses and to the wider public.

The IROB at Óbuda University is the founder and current leader of the Central European Living Lab for Intelligent Robotics (CELLI), a network of 18 robotics centers and SMEs form 7 countries. It is also member of the euRobotics aisbl, and active in numerous Topical Groups.

The services offered to thirsd parties include basic RnD, prototypization, product optimization and assistance in certification

Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics

Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics

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The center is well equipped with generic, traditional industrial robots, and also high-end human-centered robots. It also features multiple surgical robots and in-house developed prototypes. The eqippment of the machine shop fulfills all basic requirements.

  • Flexible laboratory area of 400 m2, biggest room is 102 m2.
  • Robots and related equipment:
    • 1x da Vinci surgical robot system (IS2000) with DVRK controllers
    • 1x KUKA youBot
    • 1x KUKA iiwa cooperate robot
    • 1x FANUC m1-iA delta robot
    • 1x FANUC M-430iA/2F industrial robot
    • 4x NAO 4th gen.
    • 1x FreeHand laparoscope holder
    • 2x Falcon haptic device
    • 6 DoF tracking devices, 2 Oculus Rift V1 DevKits, Kinect sensors, LRF, etc.
  • Well-equipped workshop for prototyping (including machining and 3D printing capabilities)
  • Computers, software and development tools

Due to its extensive experience in robot control and excellent laboratory background, IROB will be the responsible for developing the prototype’s sensing, actuation and control strategy, and making use of knowledged-base systems for optimal planning and execution, also to guide the operations of the pilot experiments performed within the project. The already existing robotic infrastructure allows for setting up a broad range of lifelike test scenarios assisted by conventional industrial robotics  (Fanuc robots, KUKA robots) to real surgical applications (da Vinci Research Kit). Óbuda University has direct access to medical research facilities and small animal laboratories via its national and international cooperation partners (including Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest and the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology in Wiener Neustadt).

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