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ALPhANOV is a private, non-profit organization and is the Technology Center of the French “Route des Lasers” competitiveness cluster. It provides technical resources and expertise required to fulfill R&D challenges and innovative development in photonics, optics and lasers. Located in the Bordeaux area, ALPhANOV employs about 80 highly skilled Researchers, Engineers and Technicians.




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ALPhANOV's expertise encompasses five fields of excellence:

- Laser processing and micromachining: From feasibility studies to prototype fabrication and small-scale production.  Large pool of lasers providing the capability to meet a wide range of needs for microfabrication on various materials (metals, glass, polymers, crystals, ceramics, etc).

- Laser sources and optical fiber components: Development of innovative fiber laser sources and systems, high-brilliance pump combiners and their applications, fiber processing and interfacing equipment

- Optical systems development and imaging: Design, analysis and tolerancing of combinations and optical systems (ZEMAX©); design and fabrication of optical-mechanical benches; metrology of wave surfaces and measurement of optical performance.

- Spectroscopy and Microscopy: Development and implementation of spectroscopy, microscopy and spectral imaging designs

- Medical applications: Optical and laser solutions for Medical and Life Science: biological imaging, instrumentation, eye laser surgery, laser-based tissue Engineering


The Technology Center offers dedicated facilities and equipment for laser developments, implementation and characterization. It has strong expertise in laser micro-machining developments, optical design and prototyping in vision, microscopy and spectroscopy, and fiber Laser sources and optical fiber components.

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