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Robotics is a technology that encompasses the design, building, implementation, and operation of robots. Robotics includes applications designed to conduct a specific task or series of tasks for commercial purposes. These robots may be stationary or mobile but are limited in function as defined by the intended application. Multipurpose robots are capable of performing a variety of functions and movements determined by a user that programs the robot for tasks, movement, range, and other functions and that may change the effector based on the required task. These robots function autonomously within the parameters of their programming to conduct tasks for commercial applications and may be fixed, "moveable," or mobile. Cognitive robots are capable of decision making and reason, which allows them to function within a complex environment.

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Are you already using multipurpose robotics to step up your operations?

Not entirely accurate and semi-automated production machinery, manual rework, inefficient set-up times – companies of various industries experience such accompanying issues of traditional production processes causing suboptimal operations output, a lack in product quality and employee dis