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Connectivity refers to all those technologies and services that allow end-users to connect to a communication network. It encompasses an increasing volume of data, wireless and wired protocols and standards, and combinations within a single use case or location.

Standard connectivity includes Fixed Voice and Mobile Voice telecom services to allow fixed or mobile voice communications, but also Fixed Data and Mobile Data services to have access and transfer data via a network.

Advanced connectivity that is in the focus of the ATI project refers to the rise of Internet of Things scenarios, where connectivity technology boundaries expand beyond wired and cellular (e.g. 4G, 5G) services to Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), Satellite, and Short Range Wireless technologies (e.g. Bluetooth, ZigBee).

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Leading the Digital Decade

“What should the future of digital in Europe be?”, “What should our 2030 goals be when it comes to digital transformation?” and “How can we make sure we meet our objectives?”

Industry 4.0 inspires a new perception of tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tourism to a stop. To stay relevant and support the tourism industry, stakeholders involved in the sector are exploring options around Industry 4.0, including automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.