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Artificial Intelligence (AT) is a term used to describe machines performing human-like cognitive functions (e.g. learning, understanding, reasoning or interacting). It comprises different forms of cognition and meaning understanding (e.g. Speech recognition, natural Language processing) and human interaction (e.g. signal sensing, smart control, simulators). In terms of its technology base AT is a very heterogeneous field. While some aspects like sensors, chips, robots as well as certain applications like autonomous driving, logistics or medical instruments refer to hardware components, a relevant part of AI is rooted in algorithms and software.

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Industry 4.0 inspires a new perception of tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tourism to a stop. To stay relevant and support the tourism industry, stakeholders involved in the sector are exploring options around Industry 4.0, including automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

The EU’s new plan to fight cancer

Next to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical staff and patients are still addressing diseases such as cancer. Breakthroughs in cancer treatment have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of our society, irrespective of Covid-19.