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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Using LinkedIn data to shed light on industrial ecosystems, skills and inter-sectoral mobility during the Covid-19 period

This report aims at harnessing the LinkedIn data source to reflect about the employment of professionals with specific skillsets such as advanced technologies, green or digital skills within twelve industries belonging to the industrial ecosystem framework of the European Commission, where data were available. The first Annual Single Market Report identified fourteen industrial ecosystems important for the European economy and recovery. Out of these fourteen the following ones are covered in this analysis: Agri-food, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Creative and cultural industries, Healthcare, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Retail, Textiles and Tourism. 

The report includes an analysis of professionals employed in the industries in focus based on data from the self-reported skills of professionals in LinkedIn, a widely used and accepted online job platform. LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to enrich our understanding of the supply of skills with a level of granularity that is not available in any of the traditional data sources. The number of advanced technology skilled professionals employed across different industries and economic sectors can also give some indication about the level of technology uptake in industry. To harvest the data from LinkedIn, keywords capturing skills by advanced technology have been defined. Queries have subsequently been constructed to filter the database by location and industry. It has to be noted that the results have to be put into a broader context. Industrial and skills trends can be well understood only through a multidisciplinary approach informed by both quantitative and qualitative methods.

ATI LinkedIn Covid report.pdf
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