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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Report on technology trends, technology uptake, investment and skills in advanced technologies

Using both traditional and novel types of data, this report carries out an in-depth analysis by exploring trends in the generation and uptake of advanced technologies, related entrepreneurial activities and skills. It interprets data from a list of data sources compiled to monitor advanced technologies and their applications in industry across the EU27 and key competitor economies such as patent data, business survey, Crunchbase, Dealroom, LinkedIn and textmining of company websites.

The starting point of this analysis has been sixteen advanced technologies that are a priority for European industrial policy and that enable process, product and service innovation throughout the economy and hence foster industrial modernisation. Advanced technologies are defined as recent or future technologies that are expected to substantially alter the business and social environment.

ATI General Findings report.pdf
(4.91 MB - PDF)
Leaflet General Findings I.pdf
(1.18 MB - PDF)