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Recap of the European Big Data Value Forum 2020

The theme of the 2020 edition of the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) was, “Towards a strong European Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ecosystem”. During the event, speakers highlighted topics such as the role of data and AI in addressing the emerging societal challenges. The EBDVF 2020 took place between 3 and 5 November in Berlin, Germany, with a complimentary online broadcast to a wider audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme consisted of nine tracks, among which four focused on horizontal topics and five focused on specific application domains. Horizontal topics included European Data Spaces, Market Uptake, Technology, Platforms & Trust and new challenges about Data, AI and society. Specific application domains covered at the event were Manufacturing, Smart Society, Health, Autonomous System and Data-driven AI Solutions.

Taking the example of European data spaces, this track aimed to unify European efforts to reach higher goals, dealing with data strategy and data sharing infrastructures, along with the major initiatives and technical approaches. The creation of European data spaces will help in making data more accessible across Europe due to the increased use of AI.

The EBDVF event is in line with the European Union (EU) Digital Strategy “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future”. This strategy aims to create a digital economy and society that will be fair and sustainable for all and to create a single European market for data which will be secure and dynamic.

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