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Public consultation on the European Health Data Space

The European Commission has launched a public online consultation on the European Health Data Space as part of the EU data strategy.

The Commission invites interested individuals and stakeholders to contribute to the public consultation. This will ensure a better understanding of how to facilitate access to and exchange of health data, since this is a crucial factor in ensuring increased accessibility, availability and affordability of healthcare. Furthermore, the Commission wants to contribute to the innovation of better treatment and stimulate digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. However, the exchange of health data in healthcare comes with risks. The main objective of this consultation is to balance out measures facilitating the exchange of data while respecting the protection of individuals’ personal data.

The European Commission wants to ensure all possible views are considered while designing a European Health Data Space and therefore would like to consult all interested individuals and stakeholders. One can share their thoughts and experiences by filling in an online questionnaire available in all official EU languages. Responding to the questionnaire will help to gain the necessary insights on policy options to be considered.

The questionnaire can be found here.

The consultation is open between 03 May 2021 and 26 July 2021.


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