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Advanced Technologies for Industry

It all starts with the numbers. The ATI data dashboard provides countries and industries statistical evidence on the level of technology production and uptake with the aim to supporting policy and technological transformation.

You can find the data dashboard here on the ATI website. The dashboard displays country performances according to eight key policy dimensions based on composite scores. Two dimensions notably ‘technology generation’ and ‘technology uptake’ include technology specific composite scores per country. Six dimensions notably; skills, investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration and infrastructure include non-technology specific country composite scores. These composites range from 0 (the lowest score) to 100 (the highest score) and allow country benchmarking.

In the left column you can build your search by selecting different technologies and countries across Europe. You can not only highlight the country and the specific technology score, but you can search for specific data under the country indicator view.The underlying indicators per dimension can be selected by clicking on the ‘Select indicator’ list that will take you to the detailed view of country indicators.Country indicators allow you to search for data in various aspects of technology production, uptake, investment or skills. You can also search for data per economic sector under the Sectoral indicators view.