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Technology focus on Artificial intelligence

This video of the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project presents the key findings of the report “Technology focus on Artificial Intelligence”. The video presents the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases, the framework necessary to get your industry ready for AI technologies and it describes the social and sustainability impacts of AI, especially during the current pandemic.

This Technology Watch report focuses on Artificial Intelligence as one of the most significant technologies that are currently shaping the whole process of digital transformation and industrial modernisation in Europe and worldwide. After an early stage dominated by innovative players and exploratory applications in specific business and societal scenarios, AI has rapidly gained in importance and diffusion and is now beyond the nascent phase. The potential for future growth and economic impacts is impressive because AI is a general-purpose technology expected to be adopted in different ways by all industries and all social actors. Even if forecasts for future growth and economic impacts need to be revised because of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still no doubt about the relevance of the potential impacts of AI-driven innovation. Artificial intelligence is poised to span every aspect of our daily lives.

To read the full Technology Watch report “Technology Focus on Artificial Intelligence” including more examples and policy, regulatory and ethical implications, download the report here: