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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Introduction to the Advanced Technologies for Industry project (ATI) website

The European Commission supports the monitoring and uptake of advanced technologies to foster industry modernisation and digitisation across the EU industry. The Advanced Technologies for Industry project—ATI—is an important part of that support. ATI provides a hub of information for industries, policymakers and academia, giving insights on technology trends, market developments and policy initiatives that affect the generation and uptake of advanced technologies. The analysis is structured by technology, sector and policy and is of paramount importance for businesses and policy-makers alike in different industries and countries.  

This video presents a short tour that takes you through the ATI website and shows the key deliverables of the project:

  • The ATI data dashboard compares European capacities in the 16 technological areas, providing statistics on technology generation and the impact of technology in industries.
  • High-quality analyses of recent developments of advanced technologies in specific sectors, looking at products, technologies and relevant public policies.
  • The ATI Technology Centre Mapping provides an overview of experienced and knowledgeable Technology Centres that support organisations to take the next steps in developing new ideas and products.
  • Events that have been organised by ATI: this includes the Event Reports that provide the information presented and the conclusions from the organised event.