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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Flexible and printed electronics offer opportunities for various applications such as rollable, foldable displays, smart patches and smart packaging on paper and plastic substrates. Recent progress in materials, devices and fabrication techniques enables the development of new sensors and prototype systems for various applications ranging from medical devices to devices in the automotive sector.

In this video Chiel Scholten, co-author, presents the key findings of the Product Watch report on Flexible and Printed Electronics, part of the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project.

This video includes:

  • a presentation of the definition of flexible and printed electronics,
  • an explanation of where and how they are used,
  • an outline of the flexible and printed electronics value chain, highlighting the parts of the value chain with the largest potential, and
  • a presentation of the key opportunities for Europe.

To read the full Product Watch on Flexible and Printed Electronics, download the report here: