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In PrintoCent, companies get easy access to new business development and pilot manufacturing resources for the introduction of printed intelligence components, systems and products, from pilot production to early market trials. PrintoCent has wide global reach with its international member companies and partners.

Today more than 40 international companies are members in PrintoCent Industrial Cluster. PrintoCent is a global leader in the manufacturing know-how on printed and flexible products. PrintoCent forms the core of the printed intelligence cluster in Oulu region with its 250 researchers and product developers in research institutes and another 100 employed in companies in the Oulu region

VTT PrintoCent

VTT PrintoCent

Contact Person
Jukka Jaatinen
Director, PrintoCent
is SME contact

Pilot factory with extensive Roll to Roll facilities for printed intelligence


PrintoCent Pilot Factory offers a wide variety of solutions and services such as printed intelligence research, technology and business development services and scaling up services. Application focus areas range from rapid disposable diagnostics, smart flexible lighting, wearable products to Internet-of-Things with sensors and energy harvesting. Offering examples include: 

-                     Pilot scale manufacturing trials

-                     Factory planning and construction, machinery selection

-                     Quality and performance audits

-                     Factory device integration and production ramp-up support


PrintoCent has special focus on Roll-to-Roll (R2R) and hybrid manufacturing and optical measurements for quality assurance. Facilities include R2R pilot production, Hybrid integration and Over-moulding lines

Other activities
• Disposable diagnostics chips
• Microfluidics
Service for Industry and SMEs