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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University
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Tietotie 3
FI-2150 Espoo


VTT Micronova facility is a micro & nano-electronic research facility located in Espoo Finland that is jointly operated with Aalto University. The facility is the main hub for R&D services in MEMS & micro-electronics including technology development, product development and manufacturing process development services. As well as publicly funded research, VTT conducts private contract research with global companies and SMEs. Micronova also houses 15+ SME companies who develop and make their products in the facility, usually based on technologies that have been previously developed in VTT



Contact Person
Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä
Vice President Microelectronics and Quantum
is SME contact

The facility consists of two large semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms and a number of other laboratories for processing, testing and characterization of micro and nano-electronic devices. The cleanrooms contain semiconductor processing equipment for lithography, etching and deposition as well as test and measuring equipment such as SEMs. In total there are some 200+ pieces of equipment that are used across a range of technology platforms.


In addition to R&D services, Micronova offers training, education and small scale manufacturing. R&D services include design, prototypes, process development and characterization


Other activities
• Small scale manufacturing services through VTT Memsfab and cleanroom usage by tenant companies.
• Industry networking events and seminars on relevant technology topics

VTT is an applied research institute so typically operates on developing technologies between TRL levels 3-7, however some selected work may extend into higher TRLs on certain customer contracts
Service for Industry and SMEs