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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
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Otaniemi kampus
02044 Espoo


VTT is a broad-scope contributor in international nuclear research. We provide contract services internationally - about 20% of commercial assignments are coming from abroad. VTT is independent and has a solid reputation as the leading Technical Support Organisation of the Finnish nuclear safety authority (STUK) for more than 30 years.

The VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety facility executes a wide range of research and testing activities on materials utilized in nuclear power plants and spent fuel final repository systems, particularly activities involving radioactive substances.A portfolio of standardized and accredited methods as well as sophisticated tools and techniques are available.Nuclear power plant operators and suppliers can have their materials tested for mechanical and chemical performance, and analysed for compositional and microstructural characteristics, both in the new, unused condition, as well as after operation in the plant environment or after accelerated aging or radiation exposures.

The Centre for Nuclear Safety in Espoo hosts our brand-new multi-disciplinary laboratories, research facilities and expertise, all under one roof.:

  • 200 professional staff members offering international-class research and broad technological backgrounds
  • Nuclear-focused knowledge, methods and software for safety analysis, engineering, simulation, testing, and training

VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety

VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety

Contact Person
Wade Karlsen

  • Hot cells for specimen fabrication, mechanical testing and microstructural characterization.  Capable of receiving components of up to 3.7 TBq Co-60 radioactivity in transport casks of up to 10 tonnes weight.
  • Zeiss Crossbeam 540 Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDAX Triade system for wavelength- and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and electron back-scatter detection (EDS, WDS and EBSD)
  • FEI TALOS F200X FEG Analytical Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope with Gatan Enfinium SE/976 Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).  Microscope has built-in 360° EDS via four energy dispersive spectrometers.
  • Cormet slow-strain rate testing autoclave and water circulation loop for up to 360°C and 220 bar operation, with simulated light water reactor primary circuit water chemistry environments and test durations from 1h to several months.
  • Radiochemistry laboratory for low activity specimens
  • Aerosol laboratory with several methods to generate gaseous and aerosol compounds
  • Radionuclide radioactivity measurement facilities
  • Gammacell 220 gamma radiation source with 60,22 Gy/h capability (on 11.1.2017) and a 3 litre chamber capacity.

Services include expert assessments, particularly of radioactive and radioactively contaminated materials and components.Assessments include failure analyses of power plant components, accredited mechanical testing of radioactive materials, characterization and microanalysis studies of radioactive materials, radioactivity and radionuclide assessments, and customized R&D project and program planning and execution.

Other activities
Testing and characterization of radioactive materials and materials of relevance to safe operation of nuclear power plants and safe disposal of spent nuclear fuel.
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