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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. VTT’s strong expertise in the field of novel biobased materials and process development, together with our approaches for systematic evaluation, simulation and modelling, will provide a fast lane to novel technolgy and business concepts.

VTT's pilot plants and other innovation infrastructure for advanced biomaterials are in three locations in Finland. In Jyväskylä (at the KETs Map) are loceted facilities for fibre web and foam forming development, in Tampere biocomposites and plastic prcocessing pilots and in Espoo roll-to-roll coating and surface treatment pilot line. The wide varierty of VTT's researach services and professionals are also available for our pilot customers.

VTT’s work with foam forming technology has enabled a leap in lightweighting, and opened the door for new fiber-based innovations. Our extensive work with nanocellulose has led to several applications, the nanocellulose film being a good example. In biocomposites we focus on high performance fibre composites and extrusion foaming of biopolymer materials.

VTT Advanced biomaterials pilot plants

VTT Advanced biomaterials pilot plants

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VTT's advanced biomaterial processing and converting pilot plants are for:
- fibre and fibre foam web production,
- biocomposite and plastic processing,
- roll-to-roll coating and surface treatments.

The foam forming environment offers piloting of 300mm wide webs with speeds upto 1,000m/min for grammages from 25 to 200 g/m2. Foam can be generated in a tank or on-line, and trials can be run in the Fourdrinier, gap or hybrid geometries to provide reels, which can be dried offline. The piloting is supported by extensive and unique laboratory devices optimized for fibre foams.

​VTT has comprehensive research facilities for the processing of (bio)plastics and composites. These include various pre- and post-processing equipment as well as extrusion, foaming, compounding and moulding machines from laboratory to pilot-scale. In addition, the facilities are equipped with modern structural and mechanical characterisation instruments. We focus on particle and extrusion foaming of bio-polymer materials for various applications.

Surface treatment concept pilot line (SUTCO) offers innovative surface treatment and coating possibilities based on flexible, modular construction. Coating methods include flexo-type roll coating, rod coating, foam coating, kiss coating and spray coating. Surface treatments can be cured using cold or hot air drying, IR-drying or UV-curing.


VTT has a versatile set of pilot plants for many industrial development chains: from raw material sourcing and processing through smart industrial conversions to application testing and demonstration.

Piloting at VTT is supported by a critical mass of expertise. We can provide experienced professionals and other R&D services, among others in material science, process modelling, chemistry, biotechnology, analytics and techno-economic feasibility studies. We also have expertise in preparing sustainability assessments, and can help you find sources of R&D funding.

VTT has strong expertise in experimental and conceptual development of novel biobased materials and processes. This together with our well established approaches for systematic evaluation, simulation and modelling, will provide a fast lane to feasibility estimates scale-up of novel technolgy and business concepts.

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