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VoltaChem aims to initiate and facilitate collaborative development of technology and business models with relevant stakeholders to help move innovation in the field of electrification and decarbonization faster towards commercial implementation. The program addresses both the indirect and direct use of electricity within the chemical industry, and works from a systemic point of view.


We adopt a multidisciplinary approach that brings together the entire value chain: in R&D (institutions, universities), in the users (chemical, electricity) and in the suppliers (sub-components, equipment and engineering). Participants can cooperate with dedicated researchers, starting with researchers from TNO and ECN who have knowledge and network within the fields of electrochemistry, heat technology, chemistry and process technology. From the program, we aim to collaborate with top-universities worldwide.


Companies that join VoltaChem get to participate in the VoltaChem roadmap, network and RD&I activities in a one-stop-shop manner. Being part of the community, you can choose to join a certain program line or project and get access to a specific network, business-cases, knowledge, IP and specific hardware and technologies.


Specifically for SME's that fit within the scope of VoltaChem, we offer an in-kind community membership so that easy access is guaranteed for our SME community members.


Network membership:

  • Dutch Topsectors Chemistry and Energy.

  • Netherlands Energy Research Alliance.

  • Dutch Electrochemical Conversion and Materials network.

  • Suschem & SuschemNL.

  • European Energy Research Alliance.

  • Kopernikus Power-2-X.




Contact Person
Martijn de Graaf

is SME contact

Overview of most important facilities:

  • Thermo-acoustic heat pump lab.

  • Electrochemical characterization lab (H-cells, PEM-cells, potentiostats, etc).

  • Benchscale low-pressure electrochemical stack testing station.

  • Benchscale high-pressure electrochemical stack testing station.

  • Benchscale PEM component lifetime testing stations.

  • Full chemical analysis lab.

  • Test rig for long term testing of separation and conversion of hydrogen to products.

CATE test rig for high pressure conversion of hydrogen to products.

  1. Community participation: Exclusive discussion group, roadmap updates, high-level results and (inter)national events.

  2. Shared R&D participation: Pre-competitive R&D within a collaborative program with a duration of 2-4 years.

  3. Sponsored R&D project: Pre-competitive linear development; small projects with predefined scope/time/budget.

  4. Commissioned R&D project: Exclusive bilateral project with pre-defined scope/time/budget.

  5. Indirect research collaboration: The VoltaChem program participates in publicly funded consortium projects and fundamental research programs.



Other activities
Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Engineering, Heat pump technology
Service for Industry and SMEs