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Vilnius University is open for collaborative research, contract research or any cooperation activities with business partners, including SMEs. Over 160 teams of researchers in various scientific fields – life sciences, physics and chemistry, information technologies, social sciences and humanities – can provide excellent multidisciplinary solutions for business and society.

The main areas of competence:

Life sciences:

  • Molecular medicine and physiology;
  • Research of human genomes and epigenomes;
  • Stem cell technologies;
  • Genomic and epigenomic research of plants and microorganisms;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • Research of structure of biomolecules;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Biocatalysis;
  • Proteomics.

Physical sciences and technologies:

  • R&D of functional materials and coatings;
  • Synthesis and characterization of organic and inorganic materials;
  • Testing of lighting and electronic systems;
  • Semiconductor technologies and characterization;
  • Spectrometric characterization of materials and electronic/molecular processes;
  • Laser research and development of laser systems, components and application techniques;
  • Astronomical observations;
  • Meteorological and geological research.

Information technologies:

  • High-performance computing;
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Image and sound processing;
  • Cyber security;
  • Sensor and stream data management and analytics.

Social sciences and humanities:

  • Research on human behaviour observation and consumption;
  • Observation of eye movement, image perception research;
  • Recording of psychophysiological signals for psychophysiology, neurophysiology and neuroscience studies;
  • Research on physical activity and sleep;
  • Testing of behaviour and emotions of adults and children;
  • Testing of special skills and intelligence;
  • Anthropological research;
  • Development of novel methodologies for STEM education;
  • Consultancy on business development, brand development, marketing and sales, quality management;
  • Consultancy on public, social and economic policy.

The list in not exhaustive, so feel free to contact us to enquire about your topic of interest:

Vilnius University

Vilnius University

Contact Person
Pavel Ragozin
Innovation Manager | Innovation Office
+370 5 236 6273
is SME contact

We offer open-access to more than 250 R&D infrastructure and equipment sets at Vilnius University, which are available in all R&D areas mentioned in the description above.

You can use the University’s world-class infrastructure to validate, test and develop your ideas, proof-of concepts, products or services for their efficiency, sustainability, application or any other characteristics. The infrastructure can be used by yourself if you have the corresponding qualification, or with the help of researchers of Vilnius University.

Browse the catalogue of our R&D infrastructure and equipment via the link below, or contact us with your enquiry at


Vilnius University offers over 180 R&D services in all R&D areas mentioned in the description above. A wide range of R&D services varies from small-scale hourly consultations to large-scale contract and/or collaborative R&D activities, including training, modelling, design, prototyping, development and testing.

Explore the list of our open-access R&D services via the link below, or contact us with your enquiry at

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