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Paseo Mikeletegi 57
20009 San Sebastian Guipúzcoa


In Vicomtech, we research and develop technology in collaboration with different companies, other research centres and universities in order to generate a positive impact on our environment through technology transfer. More specifically, we specialise in digital technologies related to Visual Computing and Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.

We are a Technological centre set up as a private non-profit Foundation. Our main mission is to respond to the Applied Research, Development and Innovation needs of businesses and institutions in our area, enabling them to confront new financial and social challenges, thus improving their competitiveness in the global marketplace.


- To respond to the needs related to Applied Research, Development and Innovation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, especially those related to the convergence of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision (Visual Computing), Data Analytics and Intelligence, Interactive Digital Media and Language Technologies.

- To boost the Generation of Knowledge and the Transfer of our technologies, developing prototypes of new products and facilitating new lines of business in cooperation with industry, supported in original Intellectual Property.

- To pursue excellence in the internal organisation and client service aspects, meeting the highest quality standards and regulations recognised in the scientific and industrial fields.

- To contribute to universal knowledge by training researchers and publishing the results obtained from applied research projects in well-reputed international Journals and Conferences.

- To develop alliances with leading strategic partners (academic, applied research and industrial), both locally and internationally, for the promotion of networked applied research, the training of researchers and the joint generation of knowledge.

- To support an environment of professional performance of excellence and quality, which allows our staff to develop the skills necessary to work in teams and promote technological change and innovation, both within Vicomtech and as it reaches industry and other scientific and technological fields.

OUR VALUES: Excellence, Knowledge, Cooperation, Commitment, Respect

Innovation services provided to industry and SMEs in particular can be found here:

Alliances and Collaborations: We are not alone. We are part of two strategic alliances and we collaborate with diverse associations, which add value and accompany us on the road towards excellence:

- Basque Research and Technology Alliance: We are part of BRTA (Basque Research and Technology Alliance), established by the Basque Government, SPRI, Regional Governments and Technological Centres, whose main function is to respond to the technological and industrial challenges in the Basque Country and to improve awareness of the centre at an international level.

The BRTA Consortium promotes the coordination of technological agents : by aligning and making their activities compatible, strengthening conditions to generate and transmit knowledge to businesses and by rasing awareness in the technological field through its own international brand.

- We are founding members of, the main international network of applied research centres in computer graphics, multimedia technologies and visual interaction technologies. is an international organisation which coordinates research and development (R&D) activities, the transfer of technology and the use of computer graphics, multi-modal multimedia technologies, and technologies for digital interactive and 3D visual media for video. is open to international R&D institutes (public and private), to R&D departments of multinational businesses and to high technology transfer businesses.

With its headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany, highlights among its services include the preparation of studies for ICT policies, consultancy for boosting applied to R&D institutions, the international transfer of technology and virtual incubation.

The members of the Advisory Board are international experts who work to promote contact between and other members of the scientific and industrial community, as well as of the public sector.

- Technological collaborations:

The European Machine Vision Association- EMVA

Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation

International Data Spaces Association

5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership







- Sectorial collaborations:

In Manufacturing and process industry: Smartfactory-EU; Basque Automotive Cluster; SERNAUTO; MAFEX; LT - INNOVATE; GAIA; AMETIC; AFM

In Smart Mobility: Basque Automotive Cluster; Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems; ERTICO - ITS EUROPE; SERNAUTO; PLATAFORMA M2F; MAFEX; GAIA; ITS - MLC; AMETIC


In Digital security: Basque Cybersecurity Centre; Basque Digital Innovation Hub; European Cyber Security Organisation; SERNAUTO; GAIA; AMETIC;

In ICTS and media: Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural; Networked Electronic Media; SERNAUTO; RTTH; META - NET; LT - INNOVATE; LANGUNE; GAIA; AMETIC; TIC BIOMED.

Vicomtech Foundation

Vicomtech Foundation

Contact Person
Seán Gaines
Head of International Projects department
+34 943309230

We have 3,500m2 shared between four buildings, where research posts are combined with laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.

- Laboratory of Industry and Advanced Manufacturing: The Laboratory of Industry and Advanced Manufacturing is equipped for applied research in the fields of artificial vision, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and smart manufacturing. This space enables researchers to simulate process conditions under which they test different experiments according to the clients’ needs.

- Automotive Laboratory: The Automotive laboratory offers necessary tools for the development and validation of solutions in the field of optimisation of transport infrastructures and the smart exploitation of mobility data, with both real data and simulated data.

- Biomedicine Laboratory: The Biomedical Applications Laboratory is designed for the validation of biomedical engineering systems –with special emphasis on image processing applications and the development of new surgical techniques– by using diverse radiological, surgical and simulation equipment, at the service of applied research projects carried out at Vicomtech.

- Data Analysis Laboratory: The data analysis laboratory is equipped for the application of Artificial Intelligence and Visual Analytics methods. The laboratory is connected to real data from processes and machines installed in both Vicomtech’s laboratory itself and clients’ facilities. For that reason, encoding and certification policies are strictly followed to ensure communications.

- Digital Media Laboratory: The Digital Media Laboratory provides tools covering the entire value chain of multimedia flow, including capture, processing, transmission and consumption of state-of-the-art content. It comprises three parts: TV set with green screen, processing laboratory and a digital home for interactive consumption of the content.

- Cybersecurity Laboratory: This laboratory is designed to replicate cybersecurity operations in any network topology, including both IT (information technology) environments and OT (industrial operation technologies) environments. To do so, a basis of virtualised and physical systems are provided, following the 5-level stage system recommended by IEC 62264/ISA-95. Adapting this typology to specific usage cases will allow conducting reviews and tests without compromising the productive system.…


We transfer technology to businesses, enabling them to improve their processes and become more competitive

Service for Industry and SMEs