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Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre

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The Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC), a Global Hub of Pharmaceutical Process Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing, funded by Science Foundation Ireland and industry, is a unique collaboration between 24 industry partners, 9 research performing organisations and 12 international academic collaborators.

The SSPC transcends company and academic boundaries and is the largest research collaboration in Ireland, and one of the largest globally, within the pharmaceutical area. The role of the SSPC is to link experienced scientists and engineers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, to address critical research challenges.

The SSPC leads the way for next generation drug manufacture and spans the entire pharmaceutical production chain from synthesis of the molecule, to the isolation of the material, and the formulation of the medicine. The aim of the SSPC is to deliver industry relevant solutions, which result in job growth and retention within the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland.

Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre

Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre

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Online catalogues and repository:

Online catalogue of infrastructure (Access to Third Level Analytical Services – ATTLAS,

Online national repository showcasing the research capabilities relevant to the (Bio)Pharma sector


State of the art Crystallisation, Isolation and Drying Test-Bed which is the first of its kind globally:  It will be utilised regularly for training, moving away from traditional didactic methodologies towards the ‘learning factory model’, and additionally incorporating significant elements of problem-based learning.

The Biological Processing Testbed, BioPOINT: This research infrastructure will bridge the current technology gap between industrial scale manufacturing and academic research and development for novel biological applications. BioPOINT will engage industry with academics in collaborative research in biopharmaceutical bioprocess problem solving and innovation to drive bioprocess R&D directly enhancing Irish BioPharma activities beyond current state-of-the-art.  Both will be available to industry early 2018.


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