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Potsdam Science Park

Am Mühlenberg 11
14476 Potsdam


Potsdam Science Park is one of the most innovative locations for science in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. Our strength is the concentration of excellent scientific institutions working closely together. Three institutes of the Max Planck Society and two institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as well as the largest campus of the University of Potsdam make the Potsdam Science Park a firstclass location for research and development in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, physics, chemistry, optics, photonics, and material sciences. In addition to the ultramodern research infrastructure, the Science Park offers multitudinous opportunities for exchange and cooperation.

Many companies and startups have already established themselves at the Park to develop and market new technologies and products. In the Golm Innovation Centres GO:IN 1 and GO:IN 2, the H-LAB, as well as at the newly developed Technology Campus, there is abundant space for laboratories and offices. The dynamism and growth of the Park give all the stakeholders the opportunity to actively help shape the Science Park of the future.

Standortmanagement Golm GmbH

Standortmanagement Golm GmbH

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Agnes von Matuschka
CEO Standortmanagement Golm GmbH
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The Potsdam Science Park with its extensive resources and structures of international scope provides optimal conditions for scientific companies.

Our Service and Research Guide #1 provides an overview of services and cooperation partners you can find in the Potsdam Science Park.


The Potsdam Science Park builds bridges between cutting-edge research, teaching, and industry. We support scientists in transferring their expertise to industry as well as in developing and successfully implementing startup ideas. At the University of Potsdam and at our innovation and startup centres, startups will find space for ideas and profit from the extensive networks of scientific institutions, research-based companies, and funding institutions. We offer a variety of helpful workshops and events at the Park to guide them through the challenges of setting up a business. Startups will find qualified experts to assist in the realization of their ideas right here on site.

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