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Shannon ABC is a commercially focussed, state of the art, Research Centre and Technology Gateway. It is a collaboration between Limerick Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology Tralee.

Shannon ABC’s vision is to be a leading centre for the development and application of science and technology to applied settings, in collaboration with external organisations, and based on our own research.

The Centre brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers with commercial specialists so as to provide a centre of excellence in applied research, capable of exploiting opportunities in science and technology to the benefit of the Regional and National economy.

Shannon ABC has developed significant expertise in bioresources – detection, identification, characterisation and valorisation – and collaborates with industry and other research centres in order to deliver this expertise in applied settings.

Shannon ABC responds to the challenges of Biotech, Food and Life Science Industries through the sustainable development of viable and cost-effective processes and products from bio-resources. This development is driven through collaborative research and development, providing risk management and opportunity identification for our clients, partners and researchers. Our approach improves our client’s competitiveness and competence, and facilitates the transfer of these innovative scientific solutions. Through strategic short, medium and long-term partnerships we provide creative, innovative solutions to industry’s challenges as well as access to our research based pipeline of commercially focussed technology offerings.

Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre

Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre

Contact Person
Tim Yeomans
Centre Manager

Shannon ABC’s expertise, state of the art facilities and equipment are available to assist companies to address specific challenges.

The facilities at Shannon ABC are co-located between the South Campus of Institute of Technology Tralee and the Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre of Limerick Institute of Technology. This co-location allows our Industry and Research Partners to take advantage of the synergistic skills and wide range of equipment available at the two locations.

Shannon ABC laboratories are customised and future-proofed for wide ranging biotechnological and analytical capabilities including dedicated research bench space, analytical suites, raw material processing, HEPA filtered microbial suite and tissue culture suite, fermentation suite. Access to laboratories is controlled and restricted to authorised personnel only.

Below is a list of some of the equipment we have at Shannon ABC:

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Shannon ABC’s key area of expertise is in bioresources – from both a practical and policy perspective. The better utilisation of bioresources is fundamental to a successful bioeconomy. There are many different types of companies that are involved in a flourishing bioeconomy, from a range of different sectors. Shannon ABC has an extensive national and international network of companies and partners involved in and associated with the bioeconomy.  

The key aim of Shannon ABC Technology Gateway is to assist in the continued prosperity of industry by offering access to wide ranging expertise and know how, state of the art equipment and facilities and access to a wide variety of national and international funding programs. As a Technology Gateway, Shannon ABC delivers close to market solutions for industry and acts as an access point to wider research resources and infrastructure. Shannon ABC has developed significant expertise in bioresources – detection, identification, characterisation and valorisation – of significance to the following Life Science sectors:

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