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Corso Garibaldi 49
47121 Forlì FC


Rinnova Romagna Innovazione is an engineering innovation company founded in 2008 and located in Forlì.
Our partners:
     Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì
     Alma Mater Studiorum (University of Bologna)
     Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena

It’s an independent, super-partes and nonprofit company, which develops innovative solutions for both public and private clients.
Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we put into practice innovative ideas, from the prototype to the process and product engineering.
Rinnova can also rely on the academic expertise, thanks to scientific and technological departments.


Rinnova promotes scientific research and innovation through technology transfer and applied research. For this purpose, it designs and manufactures innovative products with high performance and at competitive prices.
We are involved in many projects and we find solutions in different fields, from Information and Communication Technology to the environment, from renewable sources to mechatronics.


Rinnova´s mission is supporting and promoting the value and the competitiveness of the firms and the public administration of the territory, starting from the province of Forli-Cesena.
We do this through the implementation of technological innovation, aimed at improving the process, the products and the services of the companies and the public administration. Therefore, we try to enhance the competencies and the excellences of the university of Bologna.

Rinnova soc.cons.a.r.l.

Rinnova soc.cons.a.r.l.

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We have a micro-electronic lab with devices and equipments for testing and measuring, software for electronic and mechanical design and simulation.


Our activities include the whole innovation cycle: from feasibility studies to the creation of prototypes, passing through technology scouting and assessment. In order to do this we use new technologies and solutions, from design to simulation.

Design Management

We are able to assist a client from the initial project idea up to the placing of the product on the market. We work to combine the company’s needs of planning and marketing with new forms of design, in order to create a highly competitive product , taking into account the impact of digital technologies and the green concept of the product itself. In order to develop an integrated product with high performance, some important parameters have to be respected: not only aesthetics and ergonomics, but also costs, timing, quality, productive processes, standards and environmental sustainability.

“on demand” Research and Development

We make our knowledge available to the companies in order to work in synergy with the R&D divisions, Techniques and Marketing of our clients. This purpose is achieved by researching and analyzing technological, market and business trends, which are all contextualized in the sectors of reference of the company concerned. Then we proceed with an in-depth analysis of some ideas and we test their efficiency, taking into account the other alternatives proposed by the market or by the technological context. Furthermore the experts of Rinnova meet some business representatives in a Monthly Vision Meeting to discuss about new possibilities, to individuate further themes that should be analyzed, to discuss the outlined scenarios and to define the guidelines in terms of research & development.

Project e Program Management

The Project Management is a distinctive cross competence, which all our collaborators must have. In every project we acquire, we internally carry out these activities, as a guarantee for a successful project.
Our main task is to reach the aims of the project while respecting the obligations imposed by the contract with the buyer (aims, both qualitative and quantitative, timing and costs). More specifically, every activity is aimed at the optimization of the allocation of resources and at the integration of input, which are necessary to reach the aims planned with the client.

Technological Scouting

The knowledge acquired in available technologies and in new technologies allows us to put into practice the idea of creating a new product or service that can improve the specifications or expand the functionalities of already existing solutions. As for the activities of technological scouting, we take either a “technology push” approach which, starting from a particular technology, identifies the potential impact sectors, or an “application driven” approach, based on the identification of tangible and innovative industrial applications for each specific sector.

Technological Assessment

We carry out assessment activities to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology owned by the client (analysis), then we determine the causes of dysfunction (diagnosis) and we implement the more appropriate corrective interventions (solution). The analysis of the technological level can be limited to specific products or to certain business areas, or can assess the technological adequacy of the company as a whole.

Feasibility Studies

The experience gained during these first years in business allowed us to figure out that this is a fundamental phase for the success of a project for technological development. By dedicating time and money to the preliminary analysis and pre-design, we can give the client the chance to assess accurately the return on investment from the very beginning of the project and, at the same time, we can propose the best solution in terms of costs and profits to the client.

Design and Prototyping

We carry out activities in technical and functional design and we are ready to give the greatest assistance in the realization of projects and layout. A comprehensive design is made by our staff, which looks after the mechanical, electrical and electronic part, and the software used for prototype management.
We know that in order to have a rapid feedback about the project, it is useful to create the prototype, which let us keep the design focused on the user, experiment alternative design, solve problems before realizing the final layout or writing the code and overcome the problem of a non-complete definition of requirements.

Selection of suppliers and support to competitive bids

At the instance of public administrations, we give our support in the drafting of the texts for competitive bids and in the selection of providers. Whereas for the companies we research and assess providers to guarantee safety and quality of the supplies, which are used for the manufacturing of the product. We choose suppliers in terms of reliability, possibility of production, conditions of supply, geographic position, general characteristics and payment currency.

Engineering and Industrialization

We optimize our product in terms of productivity, reproducibility and cost effectiveness, we rationalize the costs for the construction of the equipment and of the future production chain, and we cooperate to identify the main suppliers, always respecting the needs of the final client. Therefore we develop the layout of the product and prototype, we draft the product documentation and we carry out the product verification and validation.

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