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Non-Profit Organisation

111, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia, 1784 Bulgaria
1750 София


The Research and Development and Innovation Consortium is a non-profit legal entity, operating in the public interest, established according to the Law for Non-profit. The Consortium is a scientific organization, whose main goal is to manage and develop the Laboratory Complex. The laboratory complex is one of the key elements, which assists the synergy between science and business, aiming to develop innovative goods and services until they reach go-to-market stage.

The laboratory complex is designed to perform problem-driven and industry-oriented R&D directed to efficient, value-added and environmentally-friendly utilization of the national bio-resources and valorization of industry byproducts and bio-wastes to obtain products with high added value.

Main goals:

  • To conduct independent scientific research and to disseminate publicly the results of these activities through teaching, publications and knowledge transfer.
  • Technological development.
  • To promote the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of businesses and knowledge-based institutions.
  • To assist the creation of efficient working environment for research and innovations.
  • To communicate with local and international research organizations.
  • To organize and participate in national and international conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, etc. Throughout the organized events, the latest research results and current scientific activities will be presented. That will provide for stimulating research and dissemination of results, for creation of a genuine network of communication and exchange between scientists, researchers and different stakeholders of producers and users in the outlined sectors for research.
  • To spread information materials.

Research and Development Center

Research and Development Center

Contact Person
Marin Hristov
Executive Director
Mihail Iliev
Head of Project Management Department

Technological Facilities & Equipment:

  • Interactive stereoscopic display Z-Space.
  • Diversity of HMDs (HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Acer Mixed Reality, Oculus GO, etc.).
  • Stereoscopic camera ZED Mini.
  • Diversity of interaction devices (Myo bracelet, MS Kinect v2, force-feedback, etc.).
  • Rapid prototyping system with integral metal addition and highspeed routing.
  • Workspace for workpieces up to 650 mm, 360 mm in height and 1000 kg in weight.
  • Rapid prototyping system and rapid production of plastic elements.
  • Workspace: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm.
  • Rapid prototyping system for sand and ceramics
  • Workspace: 500 x 400 x 300 mm.
  • Fully equipped with the latest technological solutions for testing specific products and systems in the field of railway transport, as well as specialized equipment and software for testing and simulation of IoT, 4G and 5G telecommunication networks.
  • XRF Spectrometer.
  • SAM microscope.
  • X-ray inspection system.
  • Shear stress bondtester.
  • Ion milling and polishing machine.
  • Emission microscope (EMMI).
  • Plasma decapsulator.
  • Curve tracer.
  • Optical microscopes.
  • The Nestum Cluster, which the laboratory has at its disposal, is the second most efficient supercomputer in Bulgaria
  • The cluster consists of 24 computing nodes.
  • Servers Fujitsu Primergy RX2530 M1, each with two Intel Xeon E5-2698v3@2.3 GHz processors.
  • Each processor consists of 16 cores.
  • The file system is maintained by a high-speed Infiniband subsystem.
  • Various types of EEG caps - Quik-Cap 128; Quik-Cap 64; Quik-Cap 40; Emotive EPOC EEG.
  • Various types of robots - NAO Evolution Humanoid Robot; Dr. Robot Sputnik; Adept Cobra s350; LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV; Baxter robot.
  • Various types of drones - QR X350PRO iLook; Turbo Ace MATRIX-i.
  • Sensor glove for VR - DG5 VHand data glove.
  • Various types of radio frequency analyzers - SPECTRAN HF-2025E V3; SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4; DSA875 RigolDSA8C174100038.
  • Various types of digital oscilloscopes - InfiniiVision 6000; SDS1102CML; SDS1072CML.
  • Electronic bracelet for human hand, used to intercept hand gestures with electromyography - Thalmic Myo.
  • Virtual Reality Kit - VR2200 head mounted display (KOSS UR-18).
  • Motion Detection Camera/ Sensor - Kinectsensor V2.
  • Equipment for tableting; granulation and film wrapping; drying, pelleting and coating.
  • Equipment for disintegration, dissolution and fritability of tablets.
  • Equipment for bulk density and for residual moisture of granules and powders. Digital Sieve Analyzer for Granules and Powders Octagon 200 Endecotts.
  • Suppository disintegration test: LECTROLAB model ESDT-3.
  • UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Dynamic Halo DB-20S Dynamica.
  • Vertical ultrasonic homogenizer Bandelin model SONOPULS HD3100.
  • Climate Stability Chamber KBF P 240.
  • Equipment for experimental determination of water solubility, ionization constant, partition and distribution coefficients, PION Inc.
  • GC with QTOF MS / MS detector. GC with FID and MS detectors.
  • Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer – LCMS-8045.
  • Liquid Chromatograph with Diode Array Detector and Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer – LCMS-2020. Liquid Chromatograph with Diode Array Detector and Fluorescence Detector – Nexera X2.
  • Apparatuses for automatic application, development, functionalization and densitometry of TLC / HPTLC plates.
  • Flash chromatographs.
  • Multi-purpose 5-liter reactor.
  • Laboratory equipment for extraction of natural products and synthesis of organic compounds (reactors, rotary vacuum evaporators, vacuum installations, etc.).
  • Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader: Cytation 3.
  • Parallel bioreactor for bioprocess development: Multifors 2.
  • Multi-gas incubator (СО2, О2 & N2).
  • Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer 150 ° C.
  • Automatic anaerobic chamber.
  • Freeze Dryers.
  • Analytical balance.
  • Fluorescence microplate reader and UV/Vis microplate reader.
  • Fast protein liquid chromatography.
  • Flow cytometer.
  • Gradient PCR machine; qPCR Machine.
  • Trinocular Epi-Flourescence /Brightfield Compound Microscope.
  • Cooling Centrifuge.
  • Cell counter.
  • PCR machine.
  • Epifluorescent microscope.
  • Inverted phase contrast microscope with heating stage.
  • Controlled rate freezing system.
  • Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation system.
  • Microarray biochip scanner.
  • Plasma cleaner.
  • Maskless lithography system.
  • Profilometer and etc.

More information on equipment can be obtained on our website.


RNDIC offers several services including: 

  • Research and Development
  • Expertise and technical advice
  • Testing and analyses
  • Training
  • Demonstration of best practices

Access to strategic research and expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and automation,

Internet of things, 3D and New Products Rapid Prototyping, Additive manufacturing, Micro and Nanoelectronics, Virtual and Extended Reality, Cyber security, High Performance Computing, etc.


Other activities
The laboratories provide opportunities to the academic field and the business to develop their own scientific projects, as well as the development of products and services with the help of the laboratory teams, so that they can reach successfully the market.

Bioinformatics Lab “BioInfoTech” - performs active research in the fields of Bioinformatics, Bioautomation and Bioengineering. The lab’s team develops the newest branches of Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology, Biomedical instrument fabrication and Bioinformatics.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab - develops and applies virtual and augmented reality and the related innovative technologies, work methods, tools and equipment in various fields of industry, science, education and social life.

3D Creativity and New Products Rapid Prototyping Lab – performs research and development in the field of 3D creativity through systems for quick physical manifestation of new ideas and products in order to shorten the time to market.

Intelligent Communication Infrastructures Lab - specializes in research and development activities, to perform measurements and testing in the areas of railway traffic management and security systems (trains, trams and metro), 5G communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Micro Nano Lab (MINOLab) - setups, maintains and develops applied and innovative research, testing, analysis, design and prototyping for printed circuit boards (PCBs), micro- and nanoelectronics with an accent on electromagnetic compatibility, RFID, MEMS, and biomedical applications.

High Performance Computing Lab - delivers reliable, sustainable computing resources and services to facilitate the use of high-performance computing and to meet the small scale and midrange computational demands of the scientific research community in the academic institutions and high-tech SMEs located all over the country and the region.

Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab - facilitates the access to specialized software and CAD systems and contributes to the development and maintenance of highly qualified specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.

Cyber Security Lab - the lab carries out activities in two key areas: cyber security research and development of innovative models and methods.

Drug Design and Development Laboratory - performs research activities based on the “In Silico” methods, physicochemical and biopharmaceutical analyses for pharmaceutical purposes.

Laboratory for Extraction of Natural Products and Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds - perform problem-driven and industry-oriented R&D directed to efficient, value-added and environmentally-friendly utilization of the national bio-resources and valorization of industry byproducts and bio-wastes to obtain products with high added value.

“In Vitro” Laboratory for Evaluation of Biological Activity and Toxicity – the lab specializes in the areas of cell cultures, DNA analyses, microbiology, pathogenic microorganisms, GMOs, ecotoxicological research, in vitro plant cultures etc. Its main task is evaluation of the biological activity and toxicity.
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