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Renatech is the French network of high-end facilities in the field of micro & nanotechnology coordinated by CNRS. Its objective is to allow the research and industry to benefit from competitive and world-class infrastructure for carrying out research and R&D projects. That requires top level equipment in micro and nanotechnologies.

Renatech is your partner for technological technological developments with its large technological facilities (7300m²) distributed over 5 sites  in France and multiple experts.

With our network, you will get access to a profitable innovation ecosystem with global service and support for your developments.

5 sites in France:

  • C2N - Paris (Marcoussis/Orsay)
  • FEMTO-ST - Besançon
  • IEMN - Lille
  • LAAS - Toulouse
  • LTM - Grenoble

RENATECH network

RENATECH network

Contact Person
Caroline BOISARD

is SME contact

To meet the needs of the diverse nanoscale community, the multi-site Renatech network provides the necessary expertise and state-of-the art equipment for a broad spectrum of technologies from transversal up to very specific one.



Technological service: OPEN-ACCESS fabrication service of micro and nanosystems for research and all industries.

R&D project collaboration with leading-edge tools and instrumentation

Client oriented advices: identification of the relevant technological solutions

On-site training capabilities: training the customers' staff for autonomous of high-end instruments

Services on demand:

  • Technological state of the art
  • Partnerships identification
  • Identification of funding opportunities
Other activities
The application areas covered by Renatech are:
energy and environment, chemistry, biology, and health, telecommunication, multimedia,
and specifically micro and nanoelectronics, silicon, micro and nanoetechnologies, microsensors and actuators, wireless network, smart objects and photonics.
Service for Industry and SMEs